Research Salon|Longhua District Science and Technology Innovation Support Policy & Zhongchuang Space Overview and Service Support


On June 20, 2019, the 7th Founding Salon of our hospital was held in Room 201, Building 2, Huiyuan. In this issue, Sharon invited the Director of Science and Technology Supervision Department of Shenzhen Longhua District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau and the general manager of Shenzhen Zhongchuang Space Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. to share the “Longhua District Science and Technology Innovation Support Policy” and “Chuangchuang”. Space overview and service support."

The Strict and Stability Section Chief introduced the Longhua District Science and Technology Innovation Support Policy in five aspects: the Innovation Capacity Enhancement Plan, the Talent Entrepreneurship Support Plan, the Innovation Platform Construction Plan, the Science and Technology Financial Support Plan and the Innovation Quality Improvement Plan. The teachers and innovation teams on the site Longhua District expressed interest in such a large support policy, and asked questions about support conditions and settlement issues.

General Manager Du Xiaolong gave a detailed introduction to the operation mode and characteristics of We Sever Zhongchuang Group, various types of activities held, and some outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial teams that have been introduced. They expressed their willingness to help them to settle in the Zijing Pioneer Park. The innovative team and high-level talents solve the problems on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship, let the team and high-level talents grow rapidly in the park, the industrial achievements can be quickly transformed, and accelerate the technological innovation ability of Longhua District.

The salon is rich in content and warmly discussed. It has great help and practical guiding significance for the teachers' projects in Longhua District.