Research Salon | Research and Development Prospects for Super Trucks


On the afternoon of April 3, 2019, the 4th Founding Salon of our hospital was held as scheduled in Room 201, Building 2, Huiyuan. In this issue, Sharon invited Professor Liu Zhengbai as the keynote speaker to share the “prospective prospects for super trucks” and attracted nearly 20 teachers from relevant disciplines.

Salon scene

Professor Liu Zhengbai introduced the history and current status of super truck development and looked forward to the development prospects of super trucks. The main scientific issues involved in super trucks are discussed in detail, including aerodynamic optimization design to reduce windage effects, eddy current losses, engine combustion system improvements to improve efficiency, and control systems combined with various sensor applications to optimize engines and gearboxes. , the rear axle, and the management of the whole vehicle, the exhaust gas energy recovery and so on. Related research and development technologies include power turbine technology, thermoelectric power generation technology, Rankine cycle technology, friction resistance reduction technology, and various electric accessory improvement efficiency technologies, various automotive lightweight technologies and transportation management, etc. The research and development provides a very valuable reference.

 During the salon, the participating teachers actively discussed and in-depth exchanges, combined with personal professional background and research experience, put forward many ideas and ideas from the aspects of technology research and development, policy guidance, market prospects and so on. Finally, several teachers have fully explored the development of exhaust emission detection sensors. Professor Liu Zhengbai pointed out that the sensor is currently dependent on imports, and the price is relatively expensive. If it can be localized, it will have great market application prospects.

 At this point, the salon event was a perfect ending, with rich content and warm atmosphere, which was well received by everyone.