Dr. Dikun Yang attended the CGU2019 annual meeting with postdoctoral Feng Jiang, Tao Chen and graduate student Yinchu Li


From October 26 to 30, 2019, the annual meeting of Chinese Geoscience Union (CGU) was held in Beijing International Convention Center. Professor YANG Dikun attended the conference together with 2 post-doctoral researchers and 1 master’s student from the GEM@sustech group. During the meeting, professor Yang Dikun gave an invited talk on Session 48th with report title ‘Electric field test method for in-situ thermal desorption remediation of soil pollution’. He was also invited to visit China University of Geosciences (Beijing) on the 29th and gave an academic report. His research applies traditional electromagnetic method to environmental engineering practice, broadens its application scope and has been well received by the participants. Master’s student LI Yinchu also gave an oral report on the 48th Session with report title ‘Monitoring of fracturing fluid flow in hydraulic fracturing process with long electrode electrical method. Postdoc JIANG Feng gave a report on the Session 44th with report title ‘Applying 3D inversion on MT profile data and comparing with 2D inversion result’. Those two talks both focused on specific issues encountered in the practical application of EM method and received positive comments and suggestions from colleagues. Another postdoctoral fellow named CHEN Tao gave a poster report with title ‘Potential field data boundary recognition based on Harris filter’ in Session 46th. He had shared and discussed more with other scholars at poster area in the conference hall.