Congratulations to Mr Liu Chang, a master candidate in our lab, won the "Youth Excellent Paper Award"


  October 16-19, 2019 national powder metallurgy academic conference and cross strait powder metallurgy technology seminar were held in Boao, Hainan. Liu Chang, a postgraduate of Professor Zhu Qiang's research group, published a paper entitled "Research on the flow and heat transfer mechanism of metal melt in the guide nozzle in the process of atomization pulverizing" at the conference, and won the "young excellent paper award". This paper studies the complex flow and heat transfer process of metal melt in the process of gas atomization, which provides theoretical guidance and support for the actual atomization experiment, and is expected to further improve the 3D printing metal powder.


  It is known that the conference is held every two years. This conference covers the fields of iron-based materials and products, refractory metals and cemented carbides, functional materials, additive manufacturing and injection molding, non-ferrous metals and composite materials. Famous scholars from the powder metallurgy industry of both sides of the Taiwan Strait are invited to make a report and set up four sub venues. Experts and scholars from universities and enterprises across the Taiwan Strait 2 More than 00 people attended the meeting. This meeting reflects the latest academic and technical achievements of the P / M Industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and also shows the rapid development and fruitful achievements in production, scientific research and other aspects of P / M Industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait in recent years.