Dr Liao Wu gives lecture about Continuum Robots for Minimally Invasive Surgery: Smaller, Softer, and Smarter


Medical robots have seen significant growth worldwide recently. It is estimated that around 10,700 sets of medical robots will be supplied in the market between 2018 and 2020. Although some medical robots have achieved commercial success, the robotics community is putting continuous efforts to make robotic surgery safer, easier, and less invasive. In this talk, I will introduce a new type of robots, the continuum robots, for the application of minimally invasive surgery. Due to the intrinsic flexibility and the ability to be scaled down, the continuum robots are excellent candidates for robotic minimally invasive surgery. Instrumentation, human-robot interaction, and shape and force sensing have been identified as three grand challenges in the development of continuum robots for medical applications. In this talk, I will introduce some of our efforts to address these challenges. Finally, I will share my individual perspective on the trends in the development of medical robots.