IWoAT and Summer School


Online resources for the conference series "International Workshop on Algebraic Topology" (IWoAT) has moved to the website https://iwoat.github.io/.  The inaugural meeting was held at SUSTech in June, 2018, prior to a joint international conference between the Chinese and American mathematical societies.  This year, the conference took place at the Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences at Fudan University, August 19–21, after a week-long summer school on equivariant homotopy theory.  Prof. Zhu and co-organizers have planned on IWoAT for 2020 with a summer school introducing higher (∞-categorical) algebra.  This topic has received significant attention both within and outside of algebraic topology in recent years, providing a modern language and insights for the subject as well as for algebraic geometry, and also a mathematical foundation for contemporary condensed matter physics.