LI, Bin


Bin (Silas) Li, research assistant professor in Shenzhen Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering (SIQSE). Dr. Li has been recognized as an Overseas High-Caliber Personnel of Shenzhen. He worked in the Chinese Academy of Sciences from 2007 to 2012 and obtained the PhD degree from the University of Hong Kong in 2016. Dr. Li has very rich research experiences in condensed matter physics, including the areas of surface physics, quantum thin films growth and characterizations, wide-bandgap semiconductors and ultrahigh vacuum techniques, etc. Dr. Li has published a series of papers on topological materials and related structures. In 2018, he was funded by the NSFC for the study of topological electronic structure transition induced by the interface effect. Since joining SUSTech, Dr. Li has contributed to the construction of ARPES and two MBE systems, and several cutting-edge research works have been being conducted on this platform currently.