Wandong Bai


status RA 2019.10-2020.7

Research Interest
Solar energy conversion and utilization; Heat and mass transfer.

2016.09-2019.07 Sichuan University Master
2010.09-2014.07 Ocean University of China Bachelor

Work Experience
2019.11-Present RA Department of Mechanical and energy engineering, SUSTech
2014.09-2016.09 Troops 94654 PLA

Selected Publications 
1. W. Bai, D. Liang, W. Chen, M.K. Chyu, Investigation of Ribs Disturbed Entrance Effect of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Pin-fin Array, Appl. Therm. Eng. 162 (2019) 114214. 
2. W. Bai, W. Chen, L. Yang, M.K. Chyu, Numerical investigation on heat transfer and pressure drop of pin-fin array under the influence of rib turbulators induced vortices, Int. J. Heat Mass Transf. 129 (2019) 735–745.