Shi Caiwang


Education Background

2018/09- present  Southern University of Science and Technology     Doctor 

2015/09-2018/06  Ocean University of China    Master

2011/09-2015/06  Ocean University of China    Bachelor



  • Cai-Wang S , Bing-Shou H . Multiscale full-waveform inversion based on shot subsampling[J]. APPLIED GEOPHYSICS, 2018, 15(2): 261-270.
  • Shi Caiwang, He Bingshou. Full waveform inversion based on principal component analysis and gradient reconstruction[J]. Oil Geophysical Prospecting (in Chinese), 2018, 53(1): 95-104.
  • Yang Tao, Zhang Huixing, and Shi Caiwang. Wavelet-independent elastic wave full waveform inversion in hybrid domain[J]. Oil Geophysical Prospecting (in Chinese), 2019, 54(2): 348-355.


Research on joint reverse time migration of P-S wave for broadband OBN and multicomponent seismic data (41674118), National Natural Science Foundation of China.