Jieyang Li


Research direction:
Solar energy conversion and utilization, Optical design of the solar simulator

Education  experience:
2019.09~present Southern University of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Recommended exemption Graduate
2015.09~2019.06 Guangdong University of Technology, Energy and Power Engineering, Bachelor

Scientific research experience:
1.Fresnel solar heat pump combined drying system: Established the key project of the 2017 Guangdong “Climbing Program” Special Funds and the 2017 Provincial College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project. Apply for 4 patents
2.Electronic components cooling and new energy power battery cooling issues: Apply for 8 patents

Honors: (5 at the national level, 8 at the provincial level)
As the first person in charge:
2018.11 China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition in 2018, Bronze award
2017.12 The 3rd "Guangda Environmental Protection Cup" National College Students Green Dream Creation Project Competition, First prize
2017.06 National University Student Science Contest on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction, Third prize
2018.05 Guangdong College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition in 2018, Gold award
2017.03 The 5th Guangdong Undergraduate Engineering Training Integration Ability Competition, First prize
2017.06 "Nanwang Cup" the 7th Guangdong University and technical secondary school energy saving and emission reduction Industrial Design Competition, First prize
As a main member:
2018.08 “Danfoss Cup” 5th China Refrigeration Society Innovation Competition, Third prize
2017.06 The 14th "Challenge Cup" Guangdong University Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, Special prize
2016.05 The 7th Guangdong College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition


Jieyang Li, and Meng Lin*. “Unified Design Guidelines for High Flux Solar Simulator with Controllable Flux Vector.” Applied Energy 281, no. August 2020 (2021): 116083. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apenergy.2020.116083.