Luo Dan's research group published academic papers in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C


Recently, wang lihong, research assistant of luo Dan, associate professor of electronic and electrical engineering, published an academic paper titled Photochromic transparent wood for photo-switchable smart window applications in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C as the first author. Luo Dan, associate professor of electronic and electrical engineering, southern university of science and technology, was the corresponding author of the paper.

Transparent wood with high light transmittance, excellent insulation and high toughness has been paid much attention as an energy-saving building material. From luminescent materials to electrochromic transparent wood, much work has been done on functional transparent wood. However, the photochromic transparent wood, which is in great demand and crucial for smart window applications, has been little studied. The team demonstrated that the photochromic transparent wood exhibited a drastic purple to colorless color change under the light exposure. In addition, photochromic wood doped with dichroic dye materials can provide more color change options.

This photochromic transparent wood has the optical switching characteristics of transmittance and color adjustment characteristics in the visible region and has been proved to be suitable for smart Windows. Photochromic transparent wood was obtained by impregnating lignin modified wood template with photochromic material and premixed mixture. The photochromic transparent wood presented in this paper shows great potential in mechanical strength, energy saving, light-switching and color smart Windows, and even anti-counterfeiting materials and other light-controlled rewritable materials or photonic devices.

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