ESS Assistant Professors won major geophysical Youth Science and Technology Awards



Two Assistant Professors in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences (ESS) at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) received two awards at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Chinese Geoscience Union this Monday. ESS Assistant Professor Han Peng was given the Fu Chengyi Youth Science and Technology Award, while ESS Assistant Professor Ren Hengxin was given the Liu Guangding Geophysical Youth Science and Technology Award.

The Fu Chengyi Youth Science and Technology Award is awarded annually to those who have made outstanding achievements in geophysical studies in the past five years in an effort to promote basic and applied geophysical research and encourage young researchers. The Liu Guangding Geophysical Youth Science and Technology Award, which was established by the Liu Guangding Geophysical Science Foundation, is awarded annually to up to five young Chinese geophysicists who have made outstanding achievements in geophysical disciplines in the past five years. They are the two most important prizes for young Chinese geophysicists.

Both ESS representatives were also invited to present their latest research findings at the Annual Meeting.

Assistant Professor Han Peng joined SUSTech in August 2017, where he served as an assistant professor and concurrently served as a researcher at the Japan Institute of Statistics & Mathematics and Chiba University. He is mainly engaged in the research of geomagnetism, statistical seismology, earthquake prediction and risk assessment, landslide monitoring and early warning systems. Assistant Professor Han Peng has made numerous reports at important academic conferences and won many academic honors. So far, he has published more than 20 SCI papers and two chapters in academic works, with more than 400 citations to date.

Assistant Professor Ren Hengxin joined SUSTech in October 2016, and once served as a visiting researcher in Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo. His research interests include EM phenomena associated with natural earthquakes and the potential applications of seismoelectric effect in detecting or monitoring subsurface fluid. He is the internationally first person who puts forward the existence of seismoelectric evanescent EM waves further perfecting the seismoelectric theory. So far, he has hosted 5 scientific research projects and published more than 10 journal articles. He has served as a project assessor of National Natural Science Foundation of China as well as a reviewer of scientific journals including JGR, GJI, SE, and PAGeoph.

As the largest and most authoritative academic group in the field of geophysics in China, Chinese Geoscience Union has actively carried out cutting-edge research, exchanged academic ideas, trained many outstanding young leaders, and played an important role in promoting discipline development, scientific and technological progress in the development of geophysics.