Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital Creates O-Arm-Assisted Tempe Robot Spine Surgery


On the afternoon of October 31, the reporter learned from a press conference held at the Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital that, a few days ago, the orthopaedic satte of the Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital successfully completed an O-arm-assisted temporatorobot lumbar fracture surgery. After the database search, the current domestic case of the operation has not yet, the hospital in the country to create o-arm-assisted tiantoi robot lumbar fracture surgery.

Tianyi robot precision "knife".

According to reports, the patient Mr. Zhang for deep workers, work accidentally fell from a height, due to severe back pain, limited movement, on October 28 to the Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital emergency, orthopaedic diagnosis for lumbar 3 vertebral rupture fracture, must be as early as possible surgery treatment. On October 30, the hospital performed an operation on Mr. Zhang, the first time using the O-arm-assisted tianzi robot precision "knife", permanent implantation of four titanium alloy steel nails in the lumbar spine, 24 hours after the patient has been down the ground activities, the operation was a complete success.

The O-arm captures 3D images to assist in the operation of the celestial robot.

Ren Ping, director of orthopaedics at Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital, said that traditional spinal surgery is difficult to guarantee because of complex anatomical structure, adjacent to important tissues such as neural blood vessels, and small operating space. And this kind of surgery on the main knife doctor's surgery experience is very high, implanted steel needle slightly deviation will break through bone injury and nerve blood vessels, surgery is difficult, high risk.

Press conference.

"Our surgery is like a self-driving tour, and the 3D images captured by the O-arm during the operation provide doctors with a more accurate 3D 'map', and the Tianyi robot is the 'GPS navigation' that guides the doctor to follow the 'map' accurately 'driving', which combines to make our surgery safer, more accurate and minimally invasive." Associate Professor Wang Lin, Assistant Dean of the Hospital of Southern University of Science and Technology and An expert in Spinal Surgery, said that the O-arm is the most advanced in-operative image acquisition system, which is able to capture high-quality, clear-image and wide-field 3D images compared to traditional X-ray machines. Tianyi robot is the latest type of orthopaedic robot with independent intellectual property rights in China, which can assist in the operation of whole section spinal surgery. The operation uses o-arm to match the Tianyi robot, only 15 seconds to obtain the patient's injured spine of high-definition 3D images, two high-precision equipment strong combination, to achieve the operation of minimally invasive, precise, intelligent.

Orthopaedic team at Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital.

Wang Lin said that The Southern University of Science and Technology Hospital will adhere to the "innovation-driven development strategy" and "first try" of the Shenzhen spirit, is currently preparing to set up the "Southern University of Science and Technology, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Intelligent and Digital Surgery Innovation Center", the future will be in the surgical robot, 5G medical, 3D printing, mixed reality holographic imaging technology and other fields to highlight the inherent Advantages, focus on development, to build a national digital orthopaedic platform and the Greater Bay Area orthopaedic medical advanced technology highland.

Shenzhen Evening News reporter: Yu Junjie