Interview assistant professor Shaolin Xu


Interview assistant professor Shaolin Xu:Doing research well requires a rigorous attitude, a spirit of inquiry and a soul of innovation.

As the youngest professor in the department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, Prof.Shaolin Xu was a JPSP special researcher and assistant professor at Tohuku University of Japan. His tutor is Professor Kuriyagawa Tsunemoto, who is a famous scholar in the field of precision machining in Japan.Prof.Shaolin Xu  has made many innovative achievements in the filed of micro and nano manufacturing such as ultrasonic vibration assisted machining and laser assisted machining . In early 2017, Professor Xu returned to China and joined the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering of SUSTech.Speaking of his views on the university, he said that his greatest feeling came from the undergraduates of the university. As a teacher, he thought that the most important task should be to educate students. In the process of contacting students, the undergraduate students of the university are very enthusiastic and willing to participate in scientific research tasks, which left him a deep impression.

【 Mechinal engineering needs recogition

In the interview process,when it comes to the views on the discpline of mechanical engineering, he said ,"Mechaical engineering is no longer confined to the traditional machine tools ,large mechanial development model , it is moving towards a smaller, more refined, more intelligent, more functional direction,which needs people to recogize it.When talking about Professor Xu's own research fields (ultra-precision machining, micro-nano processing, etc.), Professor Xu is even more interested. Taking the screen protection film of mobile phone as an example,he briefly introduces how to make micro-nano structure on its surface by micro-nano machining, laser-assisted machining, and chemistry. Application of cross preparation of glass surface structure. There will also be biomimetic applications in production, such as the structure of shark skin, making it antibacterial, fingerprint-proof and other functions.

【 Expectations for students of mechanical departments

For those students who are interested in mechanical engineering, Professor Xu believes that students should pay attention to cultivating the initiative to participate in scientific research tasks, active autonomous learning ability, practical operation ability and teamwork ability. "Concentration and devotion to things comes directly from love for them," he said. Modern mechanical engineering requires not only a traditional knowledge system of mechanical engineering, but also a certain interdisciplinary knowledge background, which requires students to have a strong enthusiasm for learning and independent learning ability. As far as mechanical engineering is concerned, students should have good practical ability, be able to complete the independent design and assembly of some instruments and equipment, and teamwork ability is also necessary to complete scientific research tasks.

【 Athletic personality

Talking about the impression of South University, Professor Xu is impressed with our school sports venues. It can be seen that Professor Xu is very good at badminton, tennis, swimming and other sports, but due to the busy work of the new school, only try to run at night. The professor showed great interest in our proposal to  do sports together.(Interested in the Department of Machinery, please take the initiative. It's a good chance for you to contact the teacher at close range!)

【Career planning

Professor Xu shared with us his plans for the future in college. Professor Xu's ideal has always been to be an entrepreneur with social value and to contribute to the motherland. And a good entrepreneur needs to have the relevant management skills, so during his sophomore year of undergraduate, has been insisting on self-study management and psychology related knowledge, "free to go to the school library to read books on this subject." Professor Xu also advises us to broaden our reading range. His first two years of undergraduate reading experience seems to have nothing to do with professional learning, but his knowledge core will be imperceptibly beneficial to professional learning, but also penetrate into all aspects of life, such as personality, way of thinking, and so on. These aspects will be reflected on work life.


The undergraduate major  is in the direction of inorganic materials in materials science. The Master's degree is in geological engineering at China University of Geosciences, and the doctor's degree is in the current research direction of mechanical engineering. Professor Xu's unique experience has given him a unique understanding of the intersections of disciplines. He reminds students who are not sure and confident enough to think carefully about the long-span changes in their professional direction. Appropriate interdisciplinary approaches, coupled with a focus on identifying areas of research, will be more appropriate for most students, and interdisciplinary approaches are increasingly playing a more important role in the scientific research arena.


From Professor Xu's words, we feel Professor Xu's deep love for his motherland. Whether it is the ideal of being an entrepreneur, or because of the gap between domestic ultra-precision processing technology and foreign countries and resolutely decided to go to Japan to study machinery, although his feelings for the motherland did not mention a word, but always infected us.