Excellent Residential College Mentor Award winners speak out


As the celebrations from the 2019 Teachers’ Day Award Ceremony wound down for Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), it is important to get an in-depth idea into understanding why people won certain awards.

Vice President Lu Chun, he is also served as a tutor in the Shuren Residential College. As we discovered that he is always concerned about the habits of students, in both their academic and physical pursuits. He also believes that students need to have an active physical life if they are pursuing a career in academia and scientific research. “Tutors have a responsibility to guide our students to develop along the right track for their futures.”

Provost Huang Kefu is an enormous advocate for education at SUSTech and Teachers’ Day. He wished all the scholars, researchers and administrators the best for the future at SUSTech, and encouraged them to enjoy the good times ahead.