Master Graduates Recruitment Announcements 2020


Dr Ho Chun Loong is a Malaysian-born Assistant Professor under the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). His research focuses primarily on using synthetic biology and protein engineering to address various health and environmental issues. This includes establishing a platform where researchers could share their constructs and systematically amass these genetic constructs for protein engineering purposes. 

I. Application Conditions

1. Citizens of the People's Republic of China.

2. Supporting the leadership of the Communist Party of China, having good moral character and abiding by discipline and law.

3. Excellent undergraduate graduates who have obtained the recommended exemption qualification in undergraduate colleges and universities.

4. Physical health status meets the requirements of physical examination stipulated by the state and enrollment units.

5. Strong interest in academic research, strong ability to analyze and solve problems, and strong sense of innovation.

6. Be honest and trustworthy, have a correct style of study, and have no record of unresolved punishment.

7. Other requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Education.


II. Application Procedure

According to the unified arrangement of the Ministry of Education, the official enrollment and admission of candidates in 2020 should be carried out through the National Cancellation Service System ( The procedures for applying for candidates in our school are as follows:

1. From 08:30 on July 19, 2019 to 24:00 on September 27, 2019, our university opened the "Southern University of Science and Technology Recommendation Exemption Postgraduate Prediction Name System" (hereinafter referred to as "Southern University of Science and Technology Exemption System". The login website is, which receives the candidate's Exemption Prediction Name both inside and outside the university.

2. The discipline of the Forecast Name System is the subject of receiving students from our university in 2019, which can be used for forecasting time. In 2020, the admission brochures published in 2020 shall prevail, and the final admission of disciplines shall be based on the results of pre-selection of departments and departments and admission confirmation in the national system of admission and exemption services.

3. After the application is exempted from the system of Nanke University, please inquire about the application status or consult the relevant departments. Departments and colleges will organize and select in batches according to the registration situation, and the specific arrangement will be based on the notification of each department. Students who have been pre-enrolled or supplemented in the summer camp of Nankeda do not need to login to the Nankeda Extension and Exemption System for forecasting names.

4. After the opening of the national push-and-exempt service system, those who have already passed the pre-selection of the colleges and departments (including pre-enrolled students in summer camps) are registered in the national push-and-exempt service system to complete online admission confirmation within the prescribed time (generally no more than 24 hours). In principle, schools will no longer retain their acceptance qualifications if they fail to complete the acceptance confirmation within the prescribed time.

5. After the opening of the national push-and-exempt service system, those who have not made the forecast name and pre-selection can register in the national push-and-exempt service system. Departments will check the registration information of the candidates in real time, and organize the re-examination and admission work in time according to the admission quota. Specific arrangements shall be based on the notification of the departments.



1. Interview is the main way to accept the re-examination of the rejected students. The applicant should provide the following materials during the re-examination. If the information provided by the applicant is not true, the applicant's pre-admission qualification will be cancelled once it is found.

(1) Download and print "Application Form for Cancellation and Exemption of Forecast Names of Southern University of Science and Technology in 2020" after enrolling in the Cancellation System of Southern University of Science and Technology.

(2) The transcript of the undergraduate course stamped by the educational administration department or the Department of the university.

(3) Copies of my valid ID card and student ID card (original verification).

(4) Certificates of CET-6 or CET-4 scores and other foreign language proficiency certificates (photocopies and original copies are provided).

(5) If there are award-winning certificates at or above the school level, publicly published academic papers and other materials (providing copies and verifying the original).

(6) Other materials required by the departments and colleges for the entrance examination.


2. The specific measures for acceptance and exemption of students from Southern University of Science and Technology in 2020 will be announced immediately after the admission documents issued by the Ministry of Education in 2020.


3. The matters not mentioned in this Circular shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Education and our school.


Email to or call Mr. Lin at 0755-88015151 on the theme of "avoiding consultation for postgraduates"

The contact number of the School Research and Recruitment Office is 0755-88010484,88015888.