Associate Professor Wang Lin of Medical College was elected as a member of the First Professional Committee of Spinal Surgery of Shenzhen Medical Association


Associate Professor Wang Lin of the Medical College was elected as the first member of the Inaugural Committee of Spinal Surgery of the Shenzhen Medical Association held earlier this month.

Spinal surgery is a rapid development of surgery in recent years, with surgery as the main treatment method, including cervical vertebral, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, tibia and pelvic sections, covering spinal spinal cord trauma, spinal malformation, spinal degeneration, spinal tumors and other diseases, the orthopaedic and neurosurgery technology in the field of spinal and spinal cord highly cross-integrated discipline , with a high degree of professionalism.

Associate Professor Wang Lin has been trained in spinal surgery since 2008 (surgical training 2000-2002, orthopaedic training 2002-2008) and in 2012 at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Washington University in St. Louis( ranked 6th in the United States). Under the guidance of Professor Lawrence G. Lenke, then President of the International Scoliosis Society (SRS), the technique of spinal malformation surgery was systematically learned. Since returning to China, Associate Professor Wang Lin has completed nearly 2000 various types of spinal surgery, including complex spinal malformations in children and adults, and has reached the domestic first-class level of surgical efficacy and risk control, and has become a well-known young expert in spinal malformation and spinal surgery. The election is both an endorsement of his many years of work in the field of spinal surgery and spinal malformation, but also will promote the collaboration between medical schools and the Southern University Hospital with high-level teams and experts in spinal surgery in the city and the province, and promote the development of clinical disciplines for the benefit of the general affected community.