Twelve Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Management gather at the HKUST to provide advice on the development of marine science in our university.


On the afternoon of November 19, the Ocean Scientific Investigation Vessel Demonstration Meeting of SUSTC was held in meeting room 401 of the administrative building. A group of domestic famous ocean and land scientists including 12 academicians from the CAS and CAE such as Zhenmin JIN, Guowei ZHANG, Zhenxing YAO, Yaolin SHI, Shufeng YANG, Xianglong JIN, Si ZHANG, Jiabiao LI, Dake CHEN, Nianzhi JIAO, Xiaofei CHEN and Dapeng YU, 3 professors such as Peiyuan QIAN, Huaiyang ZHOU and Huai ZHANG and 3 researchers including Jian LIN, Li HUAGN and Ning ZHOU attended it. Yusheng ZHAO, vice president and head of the Scientific Research Department and Yongshun CHEN, dean of the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering reported the relevant information at it and the Meeting was hosted by Xianglong JIN.

This Meeting was sponsored by the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering of our University, which is designed to focus on the issues of the ocean science to discuss construction and development of the ocean discipline of SUSTC and its functional orientation of scientific survey to apply for constructing the ocean scientific investigation vessel.

Yusheng ZHAO introduced the basic information of our University to the present experts and Yongshun CHEN introduced the development blueprint of the Department of Ocean Science and Engineering and construction concept of the ocean scientific investigation vessel.

After hearing the report, the present experts thought that to construct the scientific investigation vessel in Shenzhen has the regional advantages, complies with the requirements of the development strategy of national strong ocean country and regional economic development strategy and suggested that SUSTC should construct a comprehensive ocean scientific investigation vessel, so as to create the world-class ocean discipline, promote to achieve the ambitious objective to develop SUSTC into a world-class research-based university and meet the strategic requirements of national “powerful ocean country” and “Maritime Silk Road” as well as development of “powerful ocean city” of Shenzhen.