The Medical Robot Haptic Interaction Technology Seminar has concluded successfully


     On April 19, 2019, the "Medical Robot Haptic Interaction Technology Seminar" sponsored by the department of biomedical engineering of The South University Of Science And Technology was successfully held in TaiZhou building of our university. Professor Changfeng Wu, deputy director of our department, associate professor Lei Xi, professor Chenglong Fu from the department of mechanics of our university, professor Chuanfei Guo from the department of materials, dean of the school of instrument science and engineering of southeast university, professor Aiguo Song, second prize winner of national technology invention prize, Prof. Liu from king's university of London and other experts and scholars from related fields attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Mingming Zhang, assistant professor of the department's neurorehabilitation robot laboratory and doctoral supervisor.



    Conference organizer Mingming Zhang first expressed warm welcome and thanks to all the experts and scholars attending the symposium, hoping to fully communicate and discuss with famous scientists and scholars at the conference, and jointly promote the innovative development of tactile interaction.



     Mr. Xi lei, secretary of the party branch of our department, made a brief introduction to our department and expressed his gratitude to all the participants for supporting the development of sust.The conference focused on "tactile interaction technology" and "medical robot" to carry out academic exchanges, covering new tactile sensors, teleoperation technology, flexible materials, new control theory and so on.With the application of tactile interaction technology in the field of medical robot as the core, the experts discussed the latest research achievements in the frontier field of communication, with a view to promoting further innovation and cooperation.Professor song aiguo gave a special report entitled "the force and touch interaction technology of teleoperation robot", and the scholars at the meeting held a heated discussion on this report.



     After the seminar, the participating experts and scholars visited the neurorehabilitation robot laboratory of our department, and had an in-depth exchange with the teachers of our department, and put forward valuable opinions and Suggestions on the tactile rehabilitation and flexible exoskeleton project in the laboratory.