Haiyuan ZOU


Haiyuan ZOU, Ph.D.

Research Interest: 

1. Engineering the novel and robust electrocatalysts for electrochemical CO2 and CO reduction (CO2RR and CORR). 
2. Unraveling the mechanism of function of the electrocatalysts at the atomic scale under realistic working conditions of CO2RR and CORR. 

Journal Papers

1) Zang, W.; Yang, T.; Zou, H.; Xi, S.; Zhang, H.; Liu, X.; Kou, Z.; Du, Y.; Feng, Y.; Shen, L.; Duan, L.*; Wang, J.; Stephen J. P. Copper Single Atoms Anchored in Porous Nitrogen-Doped Carbon as Efficient pH-Universal Catalysts for the Nitrogen Reduction Reaction. ACS Catalysis.2019,9,10166-10173

2) Zou, H.; Rong, W.; Long, B.; Ji, Y., Duan, L. Corrosion-induced Cl-doped ultrathin graphdiyne towards electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction at ambient conditions. ACS Catal. 2019, 9, 1064910655 


3) Zou,H.; Li,G., Duan, L.; Koua,Z.;  Wang,John. In situ coupled amorphous cobalt nitride with nitrogen-doped graphene aerogel as a trifunctional electrocatalyst towards Zn-air battery deriven full water splitting.  Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. 2019,259,118100