Xinlei Fu


Ph.D. in Mechanical and Automation Engineering – The Chinese University of Hong Kong,  08/2012-11/2018
B.S. in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing with Automation – University of Science and Technology of China,  08/2008-06/2013

Journal Papers

Xinlei Fu and Wei-Hsin Liao, “Nondimensional model and parametric studies of impact piezoelectric energy harvesting with dissipation,” Journal of Sound and Vibration 429 (2018) 78-95.
Xinlei Fu and Wei-Hsin Liao, “Modeling and analysis of piezoelectric energy harvesting with dynamic plucking mechanism,” Journal of Vibration and Acoustics 141 (2019) 031002.
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Shitong Fang, Xinlei Fu, and Wei-Hsin Liao, “Modeling and Experimental Validation on the Interference of Mechanical Plucking Energy Harvesting,” Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 134 (2019) 106317.
Xinlei Fu, Jialong Chen, Jiarui Yang, Shuaibin Chang, David A. Boas, and Shih-Chi Chen, “Design of an Ultrafast Oscillating Blade Microtome based on Vibration Cancellation,” Proceedings of 35th ASPE Annual Meeting, Oct. 20 – 23, 2020.
Xinlei Fu, Shih-Chi Chen, Dapeng Zhang and Jialong Chen, “Microtome and method for controlling and manufacturing the same”, U.S. Patent Application, 17/072,504, Oct. 16, 2020.
Shitong Fang, Juntong Xing, Keyu Chen, Xinlei Fu, Shengxi Zhou, Wei-Hsin Liao, “Hybridizing piezoelectric and electromagnetic mechanisms with dynamic bistability for enhancing low-frequency rotational energy harvesting”, Applied Physics Letters 119 (2021), 243903.
Fei Gao, Gaoyu Liu, Xinlei Fu, Liang Li, Wei-Hsin Liao, “Lightweight Piezoelectric Bending Beam-based Energy Harvester for Capturing Energy from Human Knee Motion”, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, (2021) 1-1.