Li Xiang



PhD Student @ Southern University of Science and Technology, China
Major: Mechanics
Supervisor: Prof. Peng Yu

M.E. @ Shantou University, China
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Master thesis “Controllable Magnetic Induced Self-assembly of Non-magnetic Particles: Experiments, Computations and Its Applications”
Supervisor: Prof. Xiaodong Niu

B.E. @ Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, China
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor thesis: “An automatic tool changer based on scissors mechanism”
Supervisor: Prof. Yanchun Zhao



Scholarship: “Scholarship of China Telecom”, 2018.09.
Scholarship: “National Scholarship for Postgraduate students ”, 2017.11.
”PoF Young Research Award”of The Seventh International Symposium on Physics of Fluids (ISPF7), 2017.06.
Scholarship: “Liaoning provincial government scholarship”, 2013.11.
1st Award of Computer Aid Design Competition in Liaoning Province, 2012.06.


Society Membership

Student Member, The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM),
Student Member , Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology

Journal Papers


[1] X. Li, X. D. Niu*, Y. Li, M. F. Chen, Self-assembly of Silica Microparticles in Magnetic Multiphase Flows: Experiment and Simulation, Physics of fluids 30 (2018), 040905. (SCI, Q2, 2.279)
[2] X. D. Niu, Y. Li*, Y. R. Ma, M. F. Chen, X. Li, Q. Z. Li, A mass-conserving multiphase lattice Boltzmann model for simulation of multiphase flows, Physics of Fluids 30 (2018), 013302. (SCI, Q2, 2.279)
[3] Y. Li, X. D. Niu, H. Z. Yuan, Adnan, X. Li, A numerical study for weno scheme-based on different lattice boltzmann flux solver for compressible flows. Acta Mechanica Sinica (2018), 1-20. (SCI, Q3, 1.545)
[4] M. F. Chen, X. Li*, X. D. Niu, Y. Li, Adnan, H. Yamaguchi, Sedimentation of Two Non-Magnetic Particles in Magnetic Fluid, Acta Physica Sinica 16 (2017) 164703. (SCI, Q4, 0.669)
[5] 陈远平, 李翔*,杨增锋, 牛小东. “新型氢氧发生机的研制及应用.” 冶金能源 35 (2016) 54.
[6] 陈远平, 李翔*, 杨增锋, 牛小东. “氢氧发生机在氢氧火焰切割中的应用研究.” 节能 35 (2016) 53.
[7] L. Yu, J. R. Ning, and X. Li. “Desalinization Water Treatment Control System Design Based on Mitsubishi PLC.” Applied Mechanics & Materials 397 (2013) 1539.


Research Interests

Functional Fluids (Magnetic Fluids, Liquid Metal)
Multi-physical Field Coupling Multiphase Flows
Complex Flows in Microfluidic Chip
Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM)

Research Project

“Climbing” Project of Guangdong Province (攀登计划): “Experimental research of nano/micro particles self-assembly process”, ¥20,000, Project supervisor: Xiang Li (Shantou University), 2017 – 2018.
Natural Science Foundation of China: “Mechanism Investigation of Interface Effect and Self-assembly of Magnetic Multiphase Flows”, ¥620,000, Project supervisor: Prof. Xiao-Dong Niu (Shantou University) , 2018 -2021.
Natural Science Foundation of China: ”Interface interaction and heat transfer enhancement of magnetic multiphase flows”, ¥760,000, Project supervisor: Prof. Xiao-Dong Niu (Shantou University) , 2014 -2017.
Shantou University Research Foundation: “The solar and wind power generation system technology”, ¥1,500,000, Project supervisor: Prof. Xiao-Dong Niu (Shantou University), 2012 -2016