Prof.Wei Hong and Professor Jianping Gong of Hokkaido University in Japan jointly published a paper


Recently, Prof. Hong collaborated with researchers in the Soft and Wet Laboratory led by Prof. J. P. Gong at Hokkaido University, studied the molecular mechanism of abnormally large nonsoftening, quasi-linear but inelastic deformation in tough hydrogels made of hyperconnective physical network and linear polymers as molecular glues to the network. The interplay of hyperconnectivity of network and effective load transfer by molecular glues prevents stress concentration, which is revealed by an affine deformation of the network to the bulk deformation up to sample failure. The suppression of local stress concentration and strain amplification plays a key role in avoiding necking or strain softening and endows the gels with a unique large nonsoftening, quasi-linear but inelastic deformation. The work was published on Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of United States of America.