WANG Yifei



Sep 2010-Jun 2017: Ph.D of Polymer Chemistry and Physics Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University 

Sep 2006-Jun 2010: B.S of Polymer Science and Engineering Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University

Work experience:

Oct 2018-Oct 2020: Postdoc at Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Tissue Engineering, The First Hospital Affiliated to Shenzhen University (Supervisor: Prof. Daping Wang)


1. Jun Ling, Yifei Wang, Yanxin Huang. Styrenic poly(chain tranfer agents): synthesis and application in preparing cylindrical polymer brushes. Chinese Invention Patent No.: ZL 2015 1 0032457.5.


Journal Papers

 1.Yifei Wang, Jun Ling. Synthetic protocols toward polypeptide conjugates via chain end functionalization after RAFT polymerization. RSC advances 2015, 5, 18546-18553.

2.Yifei Wang, Zhicheng Zheng, Zhengdong Huang and Jun Ling. A CTA-shuttled R-group approach: a versatile synthetic tool towards well-defined functional cylindrical polymer brushes via RAFT polymerization. Polymer Chemistry 2017, 8, 2659-2665.

3. Fangyi Cao, Tongcun Huang, Yifei Wang, Fei Liu, Lumin Chen, Jun Ling and Jihong Sun. Novel lanthanide–polymer complexes for dye-free dual modal probes for MRI and fluorescence imaging. Polymer Chemistry 2015,6, 7949-7957.