Mr Weixuan LIU's paper appears in NPJ Flexible Electronic


In February 2021, the collaborative work by Prof. Wei Hong and Prof. Hongyu Yu at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, "Miura-ori enabled stretchable circuit boards", was published on npj Flexible Electronic. This article was authored by Yongkai Li, a Ph.D. student from Dr. Yu’s group, and Weixuan Liu, a M.S. student from Dr. Hong’s group.

This paper proposes new engineering for future wearable electronics inspired by origami – enabling the use of rigid components in stretchable systems. Through direct folding, stiffness modification and kirigami enhancement, its controllable foldability can be improved. A wearable electrocardiogram system based on such technology is built, showing desired stretchability and reliability. The proposed technology is compatible with current industrial fabrication processes and may pave the way for its applications in stretchable electronics.