Boming Shen(1st year PHD Student)


Boming Shen, research assistant.He graduated from Chongqing University in June 2020 (Supervisor: Professor Lan Yu).In August 2020, he joined the research group of Associate Professor Yu Peiyuan in Southern University of Science and Technology.His main research interest is the theoretical study of organic reactions catalyzed by transition metals.

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  2. 2.Liu F; Zhu L, Zhang, T; Zhong , K; Xiong, Q; Shen B; Liu, S; Lan Y*, Bai R*. Nucleophilicity versus   Brønsted basicity controlled chemoselectivity: mechanistic insight into silver- or scandium-catalyzed diazo functionalization. ACS Catal.2020, 10, 1256-1263.
  3. 3.Zhong , K.; Shan, C.; Zhu, L.; Liu, S.; Zhang, T.; Liu, F.; Shen, B.; Lan, Y.*; Bai, R.* Theoretical Study of the Addition of Cu–Carbenes to Acetylenes to Form Chiral Allenes . J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019, 141, 5227-5280.