Dr. Shenghai Pei of our research group completed the study task of doctoral stage and successfully obtained the doctor's degree!


    “Bear a bone chilling, get the fragrant plum blossom”, after four years of study and academic training, our research group, Dr. Pei Shenghai, has successfully completed his doctoral work in the near future and obtained the doctoral degree jointly cultivated by South University of science and technology and Harbin Institute of technology. Congratulations to Dr. Shenghai Pei!

    Shenghai Pei, male, from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. As a member of the research group since the establishment of the research group, he has invested a lot of effort in the construction of the experimental platform. At the same time, as a laboratory safety officer, Shenghai Pei is the last one to leave the laboratory after checking the operation of instruments and the state of gas circuit circulation every day. He also devotes a lot of energy to the daily operation of the laboratory and special waste treatment. Everything comes to him who waits, after a lot of hard work, Shenghai Pei signed and published 5 SCI papers, the results are gratifying. Moreover, due to his literary hobby and writing attainments, Shenghai Pei was also elected as the propaganda committee member of the first party branch of the physics department, contributing to the Party branch's activity organization and cultural propaganda. Therefore, he gained "Excellent party workers at school level of 2018-2019" once, and " Outstanding communist party members at school level of 2019-2020 school level" once, which is enviable.

    “The wind rises strongly, flies with clouds”, Dr. Shenghai Pei has worked hard in South University of science and technology for several years. Now he is storage hard and is about to move into a new world. It is hoped that Dr. Shenghai Pei will adhere to his rigorous academic style, maintain a serious attitude towards experimental safety, follow his always enthusiastic love of literature, and draw a new magnificent chapter in other parts of China.