FENG Xiangchao



• Proficient in Finite Element Analysis to verify structural integrity and guide product design
• Constitutive Modeling of Material & Fracture analysis of Polymer/Composite/Metal
• Hands-on experience with Experimental Setup design and Mechanical Testing
• Wide range of knowledge in Materials Science, Programming and Optimization
• A motivated engineer and collaborator with strong communication skills and teamwork ability


2016.8~2018.12   Iowa State University,   Aerospace Engineering,  Ph.D.
2014.8-2016.5   Iowa State University,  Aerospace Engineering,  M.S.
2010.8-2014.5   Iowa State University Aerospace Engineering, B.S.


2014.8-Present Research Assistant, Iowa State University 
•  Design and assemble two kinds of double network(DN) composite: a highly stretchable
DN composite and a self-recovery DN magnetic composite (with 3D printing). Develop
shear-lag/sliding models for both composite. Perform uniaxial tensile test, loading and
unloading test and fracture tests. Calibrate material parameters from experimental date.
•  Propose a toughening mechanism and the scaling law for soft elastic foam. Design a new
structure of serpentine ligaments shows much higher effective fracture energy.
•  Phase field modeling and simulation of fracture and phase transformation of polymeric
gels. Implement a finite strain phase field model in COMSOL for elastic, hyper-elastic
and viscoelastic material.
2016.8-2017  Teaching Assistant, Iowa State University 
•  Responsible for teaching EM 324(Mechanics), EM 345(Dynamics) and EM 274 (Statics),
proctor exams, answer student’s question at EM success center, and exams grading
•  Mechanics specialist teaching assistant

Journal Papers

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In 24 th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Montréal, Canada.
In Society of Engineering Science 53 th Annual technical Meeting, University of Maryland.
[2] Zhuo Ma, Xiangchao Feng* (*co-first author), Wei Hong. “Fracture of Soft Elastic
Foam.” Journal of Applied Mechanics 83, no. 3 (2016): 031007.
In 24 th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Montréal, Canada.