MAE Dr.Wei HONG elected as Fellow of ASME


Dr.Wei Hong from the Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering(MAE),SUSTech, was recently elected as a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) ). Dr. Wei Hong is an internationally renowned scholar in solid mechanics, especially in soft materials mechanics, and he is one member of the scholars who propose the continuum mechanics theoretical framework of polymer gels.

Dr.Wei Hong received his undergraduate and Master's Degree from Tsinghua University, and then he studied in Princeton University and Harvard University in America. In 2006, He got a Doctorate Degree from Harvard University. Later, he taught in the Department of Aerospace Engineering of Iowa State University, served as an assistant professor, associate professor, professor, and finally got tenure. Since 2015, he has been double-employed in the International Soft Matter Center of Hokkaido University, served as an associate professor and professor.

In 2018, Dr. Wei Hong joined Southern University of Science and Technology. His interested research fields including solid mechanics, fracture mechanics, microstructure evolution of materials,and multi-physical field modeling.

Recently, his research fields mainly focused on soft mater physics, Dielectric damage, Smart materials and structures, surface instability in solids and the morphology evolution. More than related 90 papers have been published in internationally renowned academic journals, totally cited more than 6,000 times. Moreover, he has presided over several National Major Projects and served as reviewers or editors for five international academic journals.

The selection as a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a recognition of Dr.Wei Hong's contributions to the basic theory and application of solid mechanics and engineering basic education. The theoretical framework of continuum of polymer gels, the mechanical models of electroactive and magnetic active materials proposed by him have been widely used in the study of flexible and active materials and the design of related intelligent devices; He revealed various physical mechanisms of strength and toughness of soft materials such as gels; For the first time, the critical condition of solid surface fold is predicted accurately theoretically. A phase-field model was also established to simulate the electric breakdown of dielectric materials.


Notes: American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME) was founded in 1881, An international non-profit educational and technical organization with over 125,000 members worldwide. Mainly committed to the development of mechanical engineering and related fields of science and technology, To make outstanding contributions or take important responsibilities in the aerospace industry, or to have long-term high-quality industry experience to be selected as a member of the Institute.