Lan Jun


2020.09 - Present: Masters of Microelectronics, Southern University of Science and Technology
2016.09 to 2020.06: Bachelor of Microelectronics Science and Engineering, Fuzhou University

Co-Supervised with Prof. Zhang Guobiao, Lan Jun graduated from the School of Physics and Information Engineering, Fuzhou University, Fujian, with a bachelor's degree in Microelectronics Science and Engineering. During the undergraduate period, he won prizes in electronic design competitions, integrated circuit innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, and participated in research project  including current detection devices based on magnetic induction coils, rapid feature extraction of compressed signals, etc. He is currently studying for a master's degree in electronic science and technology at Southern University of Science and Technology, School of Microelectronics, researching into emerging memories targeted at non-von Neumann system architecture - in-memory-computing, device architecture research, design-technology co-optimization (DTCO) and system mapping.


Emerging Memories (RRAM, PCM) and its applications in compute in-memory