ZHU Yifei research group

  • Postdoctoral fellow

LI Pengcheng, 2021 to present, unstable homotopy theory and its applications, Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, July 2020 (advisor: Jianzhong Pan), Huiyuan 5-206

  • Doctoral students

MA Xuecai, 2020 to present, elliptic cohomology and derived algebraic geometry, Class 2020, Huiyuan 3-414

XING Yuqing, visiting student, 2021 to present,algebraic topology and its connections to mathematical physics and data science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (advisor: Zhen Huan), Huiyuan 3-516

  • Research assistant

YI Siheng, 2020 to present, applied and computational topology, rational homotopy theory, M.S. in Mathematics from Nankai University, June 2020 (advisor: Xiugui Liu), Huiyuan 3-413, to be enrolled in the Ph.D. program in mathematics at SUSTech (advisors: Fuquan Fang, Yifei Zhu)

  • Master students

LIANG Weiqiu, 2020 to present, applied and computational topology, Class 2020

LIU Jizhang, 2019 to present, “Persistent homology: theory and computations,” Class 2019, graduating (mathematics teacher at Shenzhen Longhua Experimental School)

WU Yifan, 2020 to present, “Computational methods in algebraic topology,” Class 2019, graduating (Ph.D. in mathematics at SUSTech, advisor: Yifei Zhu)

  • Administrative assistant

Ms. SHEN Leyuan, joint appointment, Huiyuan 3-514

  • Undergraduate math major students:

JIAO Miaosen, 2020 to present, Class 2019 (honors)

LIANG Tongtong, 2019 to present, “The Steenrod operations encode the data of homotopy coherence,” Class 2017 (honors), graduating (M.S. in mathematics at SUSTech, advisor: Yifei Zhu)

LIAO Wenbo, 2019 to present, “Group actions on manifolds and product identities of modular forms,” Class 2017 (honors), graduating (M.S. in mathematics at the University of Regensburg, Germany)

LIN Ruijun, 2019 to present, “Harmonic analysis and Hausdorff dimension, a survey” (thesis advisor: Bochen Liu), Class 2016, graduating (M.S. in mathematics at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

LING Shuo, 2020 to present, quantum computing, Class 2019 (honors)

LIU Lingfeng, 2020 to present, Class 2018

RUAN Xiabing, 2019 to present, “The method of persistent homology and its applications,” Class 2017, graduating (M.S. in mathematics at Paris-Saclay University, France, with fellowship from the Mathematics Foundation Jacques Hadamard)

WANG Mingjie, 2020 to present, algebraic topology and algebraic geometry, Class 2019 (honors)

WANG Yukai, thesis only, 2020 to present, “The Prime Number Theorem: from origins to proofs,” Class 2017, graduating (technician at the Shenzhen quarter of Beijing Intelligent Defense Engineering Technology Research Institute)

XU Linfeng, 2020 to present, Class 2018

XU Ruoyu, 2020 to present, algebraic and geometric topology, Class 2018

YU Jinghao, 2019 to present, “A survey to the Ricci flow on a closed 3 manifold with strictly positive Ricci curvature” (thesis advisor: Shaochuang Huang), Class 2017, graduating (Ph.D. in mathematics at Tsinghua University)

ZHAO Hongxiang, 2021 to present, algebraic topology and algebraic number theory, Class 2019 (honors)

ZHU Zijing, 2020 to present, Class 2019 (honors)

  • Seminars

Geometry and Topology Seminar

Applied and Computational Topology Seminar, every Monday 9 am–12 pm, Huiyuan 3-415

Graduate Topology Seminar, every Monday 4:30–5:30 pm, Yidan Library 307

Undergraduate Geometry and Topology Seminar, every Thursday 4:20–6:10 pm, Liyuan 1-203

Math Colloquium, Fridays 4:30–5:30 pm, Huiyuan-3-415, or Fridays online

  • Research is supported by NSFC grant 11701263 and SUSTech grants Y01286115 and Y01286215.