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In recent 2 years


  1. Qiang Zhu, Ahmed Rassili, Stephen P. Midson, Xiao Gang Hu, Semi-Solid of Alloys and Composites XV, 15th International Conference on Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites (S2P), Solid State Phenomena, TRANS TECH PUBLICATIONS Ltd. (Scientific. Net), 2018

Paper List

  1. F Guo, C Guo, and Q Zhu. Heat Treatment Behaviour of the 18Ni300 maraging steel additively manufactured by Selective Laser Melting. Materials Science Forum, ISSN:1662-9752, Vol.941, pp 2160-2166, THERMEC’2018, July09-13, 2018, DOI: 10.4028/
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  6. Longfei Li, Daquan Li *, Min Luo, Yongzhong Zhang, Yonglin Kang, Qiang Zhu, Stephen Midson. Influence of Rare Earth Additions on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al7Si0.3Mg Alloys Processed by Semi-Solid Die Casting and Gravity Die Casting. Solid State Phenomena, 2018, ISSN:1012-0349, Vol. 285, pp 69-74 
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  9. Haiyue Zhao, Daquan Li*, Min Luo, S. P. Midson, Qiang Zhu. Impact of Intensification Pressure and Grain Refiner on the Hot Tearing Susceptibility of a Semi-Solid Cast Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloy. Solid State Phenomena, 2018, ISSN:1012-0349, Vol. 285, pp 283-289
  10. Song CHEN*, Daquan LI, Fan ZHANG, Min LUO, Xiaokang LIANG, Qiang ZHU. Die design for main bearing cap of engine block based Semi-Solid Die Casting process and the comparison analysis with Squeeze Casting process. Solid State Phenomena, 2018, ISSN:1012-0349, Vol. 285, pp 429-435 
  11. Wenying Qu, Daquan Li*, Zhipeng Guo, Min Luo, Fan Zhang, Stephen P. Midson, Xiaogang Hu, Yongzhong Zhang. Using the Phase Field Method to Investigate Microstructural Evolution of Semi-solid 357.0 Slurries. Solid State Phenomena, 2018, ISSN:1012-0349, Vol. 285, pp 367-372.
  12. Hong Zhang, Daquan Li*, Wenying Qu, Fan Zhang, Min Luo, Stephen Midson, Qiang Zhu. Effect of Primary α-Al Morphology in Slurry on Segregation During 357 Semi-solid Die Casting. Solid State Phenomena, 2018, ISSN:1012-0349, Vol. 285, pp 398-402 
  13. Zhaoyang Liu*, Qiang Zhu, Lijun Song, The Microtexture and Tensile Properties of Continuous-Wave and Quasi-Continuous-Wave Laser Powder-Deposited Inconel 718,The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, TMS 2019 148th Annual Meeting & Exhibition Supplemental Proceedings, 2018, pp 463-471 DOI:
  14. Xing-gang Li*, Qiang Zhu, Shi Shu, Jian-zhong Fan, Shao-ming Zhang, Fine spherical powder production during gas atomization of pressurized melts through melt nozzles with a small inner diameter, Powder Technology, 2019, 356:759=768 
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  16. Guoyun Luo, Hui Xiao, Simeng Li, cunshan wang, Qiang Zhu, Lijun Song*, Quasi-continuous wave laser surface melting of aluminium alloy: precipitate morphology, solute segregation and corrosion resistance, Corrosion Science, 2019, 152, 109-119. 
  17. Min Luo,Daquan Li*, Stephen Midson, Wenying Qu, Qiang Zhu, Jianzhong Fan,Model for Predicting Radial Temperature Distribution of Semi-Solid Slug Produced by Swirled Enthalpy Equilibration Device (SEED) Process,Journal of Materials Processing Technology ,2019,273,116236-116247.
  18. Hong-Xing Lu, Qiang Zhu*, Stephen P. Midson, Wen-Ying Qu, Fan Zhang, Da-Quan Li, Forming conditions of blisters during solution heat treatment of Al–Si alloy semi-solid die castings, Rare Metals, 2018, DOI: 
  19. Xiao-Kang Liang, Qiang Zhu* , Min Luo, Da-Quan Li, Application of polarized light microscopy on microstructural characterization of semisolid slurry, Rare Metals, 2018, DOI:
  20. Longfei Li, Shouxun Ji*, Qiang Zhu*, Yun Wang, Xixi Dong, Wenchao Yang, Stephen Midson, Yonglin Kang, Effect of Zn Concentration on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Mg-Si-Zn Alloys Processed by Gravity Die Casting, Metallurgical And Materials Transactions A, 2018, 49(8), 3247-3256. 
  21. 郝志博,田甜,黎兴刚,燕青芝,葛昌纯*,颜永年,XY18120006-选区激光熔化FGH4096 高温合金的组织与性能,稀有金属,01.28,DOI: 
  22. Min Luo, Daquan Li*, Wenying Qu, Xiaogang Hu, Qiang Zhu, Jianzhong Fan. Mold–Slug Interfacial Heat Transfer Characteristics of Different Coating Thicknesses: Effects on Slug Temperature and Microstructure in Swirled Enthalpy Equilibration Device Process. Materials, 2019, 12, 1836; doi:10.3390/ma12111836. 
  23. 郜俊震,朱强*,胡小刚,李龙飞,李大全,康永林. 混合稀土对Sr变质319s(Al-6Si-3Cu-0.3Mg)铝合金组织与时效行为的影响[J]. 稀有金属,06.26,DOI: 
  24. G. Hu, Z.H. Hu, W.Y. Qu, X.W. Li, Z. Li, Y. Zhou, S.P. Midson, Q. Zhu*. A novel criterion for assessing the processability of semi-solid alloys: the enthalpy sensitivity of liquid fraction. Materialia, 2019, 8: 100422. DOI: 
  25. Junzhen Gao, Xiaogang Hu, Qiang Zhu*, Daquan Li*, Yonglin Kang. Cooling Behavior and Microstructure of Semisolid A201 Aluminum Alloy Prepared by the SEED Process. Metals, 2019, 9(9), 922. DOI:
  26. Zhibo Hao, Tian Tian, Yan Yang, Shiqing Peng, Xinggang Li*, Changchun Ge, Bin Gan, Qiang Zhu. Effect of post-treatments on microstructure and mechanical properties of a novel nickel-based powder metallurgy superalloy processed by selective laser melting. Materials Research Express, 2019, 6:1065e5
  27. Zhibo Hao, Tian Tian, Shiqing Peng, Changchun Ge, Xinggang Li, Chonglin Jia, Chuan Guo, Qiang Zhu. Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Properties of FGH4096M Superalloy Processed by Selective Laser Melting. Metals and Materials International, 2019, DOI: 

Some other publications

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In recent 2 years

1. 胡小刚,朱强,卢宏兴,徐振,一种多工位蠕变试验装置及方法,中国发明专利,申请号: 201710669484.2,申请日:2017.08.08,
2. 徐振,胡小刚,朱强,卢宏兴,李忠,一种高通量蠕变测试装置载荷加载系统及压缩蠕变设备,中国发明专利,申请号:201810011860.3,申请日:2018.01.08 (优秀专利)
3. 蔡树涛,温林举,朱强,胡小刚,李忠,李干,一种复合加热的3D打印机及3D打印方法,发明专利,申请号:201810437813.5,2018.05.09
4. 蔡树涛,温林举,朱强,胡小刚,李忠,李干,一种复合加热的3D打印机,实用新型专利,申请号:201820687068.5,申请日期:2018.05.09. 已授权,授权公告号:CN 208288993 U,授权日期:2018.12.28
5. 刘朝阳,融亦鸣,朱强,熔覆头姿态路径规划方法、装置、终端、存储介质及系统,发明专利,申请号:201810770483.1,2018.07.13
6. 刘朝阳,激光送粉增材制造装置及粉流控制方法,发明专利,申请号:201810717939.8,2018.07.04
7. 刘朝阳,融亦鸣,朱强,增减材智能制造系统和采用该系统的制造方法,发明专利,申请号:201810936557.4,2018.08.17
8. 胡小刚,朱强,李忠,徐振,一种增材制造装置及方法,发明专利,申请号:201810775905.4,2018.07.16(技术转移490万元)
9. 胡小刚,朱强,李忠,徐振,一种增材制造装置及方法,发明专利,申请号:201810775944.4,2018.07.16
10. 胡小刚,朱强,李忠,徐振,一种增材制造装置及方法,发明专利,申请号:201810778883.7,2018.07.16
11. 胡小刚,朱强,李忠,一种增材制造装置及方法,发明专利,申请号:201810775937.4,2018.07.16
12. 胡小刚,朱强,李忠,一种增材制造装置,实用新型专利,申请号:201821119262.X,2018.07.16. 已授权,授权公告号:CN 208555979 U,授权日期:2019.03.01
13. 李欣蔚,朱强,胡小刚,卢宏兴,一种选区激光熔化制备高强铝合金的方法,发明专利,申请号:201810906410.0,2018.08.10
14. 刘朝阳,融亦鸣,朱强,增减材智能制造系统,实用新型专利,申请号:201821339498.4,2018.08.21
15. 刘朝阳,朱强,融亦鸣,一种金属零件制造方法及制造系统,发明专利,申请号:201811441393.4,2018.11.29
16. 黎兴刚,朱强,一种金属粉末制备装置及制备方法,发明专利,申请号:201811189897.1,2018.10.12
17. 黎兴刚,朱强,一种金属粉末制备装置,实用新型专利,申请号:201821657662.6,2018.10.12
18. 胡小刚,朱强,李忠,增材制造装置及方法,PCT国际申请,申请号:PCT/CN2019/076411,2019.03.11
19. 卢宏兴,朱强,李干,制备金属或合金半固态浆料以及非铝硅系铝合金半固态浆料的方法,发明专利,申请号:201910040780.5,2019.01.16
20. 卢宏兴,朱强,李干,温林举,果城,胡作寰,用于提取半固态浆料的取样刀,实用新型专利,申请号:201920635228.6,2019.05.06
21. 刘朝阳,叶国威,李欣,朱强,一种增材制造的控制方法、装置、系统及存储介质,发明专利,申请号:201910483113.4,2019.06.04
22. 李欣,刘朝阳,朱强,叶国威,一种激光送粉熔覆系统及激光送粉熔覆控制方法,发明专利,申请号:201910492555.5,2019.06.06
23. 刘朝阳,朱强,李欣,叶国威,一种自动化装夹装置,发明专利,申请号:201910593755.X,2019.07.03
24. 胡小刚,朱强,周阳,李忠. 一种棒材重熔直写成型设备及棒材重熔成型方法. 发明专利,申请号:201910453782.7,2019.05.29
25. 胡小刚,朱强,李忠,周阳. 一种混合固体颗粒重熔的直写装置及成型方法. 发明专利,申请号:201910453783.1,20190529
26. 卢宏兴,葛秋霜,朱强. 一种半固态浆料的制备装置. 发明专利,申请号:201910541787.5,20190621
27. 卢宏兴,葛秋霜,朱强. 一种半固态浆料的制备装置. 实用新型专利,申请号:201920941655.7,20190621
28. 朱强,果城,郭文锋,胡小刚,卢宏兴,胡作寰. 选区激光熔融成形的18Ni300模具钢的热处理方法及18Ni300模具钢. 发明专利,申请号:201910570544.4,20190628
卢宏兴,沈艾迪,朱强,杨鹏,程乐,石和强,周阳. 用于铝合金挤压铸造机的流变制浆设备及流变制浆方法. 发明专利,申请号:201910837293.1,20190905(第一单位:广州和德轻量化成型技术有限公司)


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