• Journal Papers

1. Tingyao Zhou, Jiayi Zhu, Lingshan Gong, Liting Nong, Jinbin Liu*, Amphiphilic block copolymer-guided in situ fabrication of stable and highly controlled luminescent copper nanoassemblies. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2019, 141, 2852-2856. (JCR Q1, IF: 14.695)
2.Huali Ma, Tingyao Zhou*, Zhiyi Dai, Jianqiang Hu, Jinbin Liu*, In-situ self-assembly of ultrastable crosslinked luminescent gold nanoparticle and organic dye nanohybrids toward ultrasensitive and reversible ratiometric thermal imaging. Adv. Opt. Mater., 2019, 7, 1900326. (JCR Q1, IF: 7.125)
3.Tingyao Zhou, Liping Lin, Mingcong Rong, Yaqi Jiang, and Xi Chen*, Silver-gold alloy nanoclusters as a fluorescence-enhanced probe for aluminum ion sensing. Anal. Chem., 2013, 85, 9839-9844. (JCR Q1, IF: 6.35)
4.Tingyao Zhou, Mingcong Rong, Zhimin Cai, Chaoyong James Yang, and Xi Chen*, Sonochemical synthesis of highly fluorescent glutathione-stabilized Ag nanoclusters and S2- sensing. Nanoscale, 2012, 4, 4103-4106.(JCR Q1, IF: 6.97)
5.Tingyao Zhou, Yunhe Huang, Wenbin Li, Zhimin Cai, Feng Luo, Chaoyong James Yang, and Xi Chen*, Facile synthesis of red-emitting lysozyme-stabilized Ag nanoclusters. Nanoscale, 2012, 4, 5312-5315.(JCR Q1, IF: 6.97)
6.Tingyao Zhou, Qiuhong Yao, Tingting Zhao, and Xi Chen*, One-pot synthesis of fluorescent DHLA-stabilized Cu nanoclusters for the determination of H2O2. Talanta, 2015, 141, 80-85.(JCR Q1, IF: 4.916)
7.Tingting Zhao#, Tingyao Zhou#, Qiuhong Yao, Chunli Hao, and Xi Chen*, Metal nanoclusters: applications in environmental monitoring and cancer therapy. J. Environ. Sci. Health, Part C: Environ. Health Sci., 2015, 33, 168-187. (#co-first author)(JCR Q2, IF: 3.517)
8.Tingyao Zhou, Wei Xu, Qiuhong Yao, Tingting Zhao, and Xi Chen*, Highly fluorescent copper nanoclusters as a probe for the determination of pH. Methods Appl. Fluoresc., 2015, 3, 044002.(JCR Q2, IF: 2.94)

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