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Associate Professor Zhang Haofan has many years of entrepreneurial experience. He currently has a number of invention patents at home and abroad, and has more than ten years of experience in trial and project development in the replacement of clean fuel applications and combustion process optimization in internal combustion engines.

[1]. Zhang, HF, Seo, K., and Zhao. H., Combustion and Emission Analysis of the Direct DME Injection Enabled and Controlled Auto-ignition Gasoline Combustion Engine Operation, Fuel, Volume 107, May 2013, Pages 800– 814., 2013

[2]. A vehicle-based terminal based on car networking, inventor: Zhang Haofan / Song Dongdong, patent number: 201621000753.3

[3]. A real-time data uninterrupted communication device based on the Internet of Vehicles system, inventor: Zhang Haofan / Song Dongdong, patent number 201621000754.8

[4]. A method for online fault diagnosis of automobiles, inventor: Zhang Haofan / Song Dongdong, patent number 201610831177.5

[5]. High-speed iron containing rare earth welded transition steel and its preparation method, inventor: Xia Mingxu / Li Jianguo / Zhang Haofan, patent number: 201611120914.7

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