• Journal Papers
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    2. M Liang, G Jin, X Xie, W Zhang, K Li, F Niu, C Yu*, Z Wei*. Oligomerized Liprin-α Promotes Phase Separation of ELKS for Compartmentalization of Presynaptic Active Zone Proteins. Cell Reports, 34(12):108901 (2021).
    3. F Niu, K Sun, W Wei, C Yu*, Z Wei*. F-actin disassembly factor MICAL1 binding to Myosin Va mediates cargo unloading during cytokinesis. Science Advances, 6(45):eabb1307 (2020).
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    5. H Li, Y Deng, K Sun, H Yang, J Liu, M Wang, Z Zhang, J Lin, C Wu*, Z Wei*, C Yu*. Structural basis of kindlin-mediated integrin recognition and activation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 114(35):9349-9354 (2017).
    6. Z Wei, S Zheng, S A Spangler, C Yu*, C C Hoogenraad, M Zhang*. Liprin-mediated large signaling complex organization revealed by the liprin-alpha/CASK and liprin-alpha/liprin-beta complex structures. Molecular Cell, 43(4):586-98 (2011).
    7.  C Yu, W Feng, Z Wei, Y Miyanoiri, W Wen, Y Zhao, M Zhang*. Myosin VI undergoes cargo-mediated dimerization. Cell, 138(3):537-48 (2009).

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