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Selected Journal Publications:

[SJ.6] Liu, Guang, Yi Xiong, and Limin Zhou. Additive manufacturing of continuous fiber reinforced polymer composites: Design opportunities and novel applications, In: Composites Communications, 27: 100907,2021.

[SJ.5] Y. Xiong, A. G. Dharmawan, S. H. Foong, Y.L. Tang, G. S. Soh, D. W. Rosen, A Knowledge-based Process Planning Framework for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing , In: Advanced Engineering Informatics, 45: 101135,2020.

[SJ.4] Y. Xiong, Y.L. Tang, S. Park, D. W. Rosen, Harnessing Process Variables in Additive Manufacturing for Design Using Manufacturing Elements, In: ASME Journal of Mechanical Design.142(7). 2020

[SJ.3] Y. Xiong, P. L. T. Duong, D. Wang, S. Park, Q. Ge, N. Raghavan, D. W. Rosen, Data-Driven Design Space Exploration and Exploitation for Design for Additive Manufacturing. In: ASME Journal of Mechanical Design 141(10),101101, 2019.

[SJ.2] Y. Xiong, S. Park, S. Padmanathan, A. G. Dharmawan, S. Foong, D. W. Rosen, G.S. Soh, Process Planning for Adaptive Contour Parallel Toolpath in Additive Manufacturing with Variable Bead Width. In: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.105(10),4159-4170,2019.

[SJ.1] Y. Xiong, A. Tuononen. The In-plane Deformation of a Tire Carcass: Analysis and Measurement, In: Case Studies in Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing,2,12-18, 2015.

Other Journal Publications:

[J.14] F. Zhao F, Y. Xiong, K. Ito, B. Van Rietbergen, S. Hofmann, Porous geometry guided micro-mechanical environment within scaffolds for cell mechanobiology study in bone tissue engineering. In: Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 2021.

[J.13] YF. Zhang, Z. Li, H. Li, H. Li, Y. Xiong, X. Zhu, H. Lan, Q. Ge, Fractal-Based Stretchable Circuits via Electric-Field-Driven Microscale 3D Printing for Localized Heating of Shape Memory Polymers in 4D Printing, In: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,2021

[J.12] X. Gao, Y. Xiong, W. Liu, Y. Zhuang, Modeling and experimental study of tire deformation characteristics under high-speed rolling condition. In: Polymer Testing, 2021, 99, 107052.

[J.11] J.Jiang, Y.Xiong, Z.Zhang, D.W. Rosen, Machine learning integrated design for additive manufacturing. In: Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing,2020, 1-14.

[J.10] Y.L. Tang,Y. Xiong, S. Park, D. W. Rosen, Universal material template for heterogeneous objects with applications to additive manufacturing. In: Computer-Aided Design, 2020, 129,102929

[J.9] J.Jiang, X.Xu, Y.Xiong, Y.Tang, G.Dong, S.Kim, A novel strategy for multi-part production in additive manufacturing. In: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2020,109, 1237–1248.

[J.8] D. Wang, Y. Xiong, B. Zhang, Y.F. Zhang, D. Rosen, Q. Ge, Design Framework for Mechanically Tunable Soft Biomaterial Composite Enhanced by Modified Horseshoe Lattice Structures, In: Soft Matter, 2020,16, 1473-1484.

[J.7] T. F. Lam, Y. Xiong, A. G. Dharmawan, S. H. Foong, G. S. Soh, Adaptive Process Control Implementation of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for Thin-Walled Components with Overhang Features, In: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 108, 1061–1071,2020,.

[J.6] D. Garcia-Pozuelo, O. Olatunbosun, L. Romano, S. Strano, M. Terzo, A. Tuononen, Y. Xiong, Development and Experimental Validation of a Real-time Analytical Model for Different Intelligent Tire Concepts, In: Vehicle System Dynamics. In: Vehicle System Dynamics,57 (12),1970-1988,2019.

[J.5] Y. Xiong, X. Yang, A Review on In-tire Sensor Systems for Tire-road Interaction Studies, In: Sensor Review, Vol. 38 Issue: 2, pp.231-238,2018.

[J.4] Y. Xiong, A. Tuononen, A Multi-Laser Sensor System to Measure Rolling Deformation for Truck Tyres, In:Journal of Vehicle Performance, 3 (2), 115-126, 2017.

[J.3] Y. Xiong, A. Tuononen. Rolling Deformation of Truck Tires: Measurement and Analysis Using a Tire Sensing Approach. In: Journal of Terramechanics, 61, 33-42, 2015.

[J.2] Y. Xiong, A. Tuononen. A Laser-based Sensor System for Tire Tread Deformation Measurement. In: Journal of Measurement Science and Technology, 25(11),11503,2014.

[J.1] Y. Xiong, J. Hirvonen and P. Kallio. 3D Calibration of Micromanipulators Using Stereo Vision. In: Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics,8 (1), 13-24,2013.


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