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  1. Wei-Fong Pan, Xinjie Wang and Shixuan Wang, 2021, Measuring Economic Uncertainty in China, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, forthcoming
  2. Xinjie Wang and Ken Zhong, 2020, Dealer Inventory, Pricing, and Liquidity in the OTC Derivatives Markets: Evidence from Index CDSs, Journal of Financial Markets, 100617
  3. Xinjie Wang, Yangru Wu, Hongun Yan, and Ken Zhong, 2020, Funding Liquidity Shocks in a Quasi-Experiment: Evidence from the CDS Big Bang, Journal of Financial Economics, 139, 545-560
  4. Xinjie Wang, Yangru Wu and Ken Zhong, 2020, The Co-Movements of Stock, Bond, and CDS Illiquidity Before, During and After the Global Financial Crisis, Journal of Financial Research, 43, 965-998
  5. Xinjie Wang, Hongun Yan, and Ken Zhong, 2020, Biases in CDS Spreads after the CDS Big Bang, Journal of Fixed Income 30, 71-80
  6. Shanxiang Yang, Zhechen Liu, and Xinjie Wang, 2020, News Sentiment, Credit Spreads, and Information Asymmetry, North American Journal of Economics and Finance 52, 101179
  7. Wei-Fong Pan, Xinjie Wang, and Shanxiang Yang, 2019, Debt Maturity, Leverage, and Political Uncertainty, North American Journal of Economics and Finance 50, 100981
  8. Xinjie Wang, Weike Xu, and Zhaodong Zhong, 2019, Economic Policy Uncertainty, CDS Spreads, and CDS Liquidity Provision, Journal of Futures Markets 39, 461-480

Working papers

  1. "Do Financial Regulations Affect Market Liquidity? Evidence from the Co-movement of Stock, Bond and CDS Liquidity," 2018, with Yangru Wu and Ken Zhong
  2. "Post-Crisis Regulations, Market Making, and Liquidity in the Corporate Bond Market," 2018, with Ken Zhong
  3. "Geopolitical Risk and Investment," 2018, with Yangru Wu and Weike Xu




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