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36. K. Wu*, H. Jiang, and C.-W. Shu, Provably positive central DG schemes via geometric quasilinearization for ideal MHD equations

    SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis,  accepted for publication, 2022.

35. Z. Sun, Y. Wei, and K. Wu*, On energy laws and stability of Runge--Kutta methods for linear seminegative problems

    SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis,  60(5): 2448–2481, 2022.

34. K. Wu and C.-W. Shu, Geometric quasilinearization framework for analysis and design of bound-preserving schemes

    SIAM Review,  2022. arXiv:2111.04722. 8 Nov 2021.

33. K. Wu, Minimum principle on specific entropy and high-order accurate invariant region preserving numerical methods for relativistic hydrodynamics

    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 43(6): B1164–B1197, 2021.

32. Z. Chen, V. Churchill, K. Wu, and D. Xiu, Deep neural network modeling of unknown partial differential equations in nodal space

    Journal of Computational Physics, 110782, 2022.

31. H. Jiang, H. Tang, and K. Wu*, Positivity-preserving well-balanced central discontinuous Galerkin schemes for the Euler equations under gravitational fields

    Journal of Computational Physics, 463: 111297, 2022.

30. Y. Chen and K. Wu*, A physical-constraint-preserving finite volume method for special relativistic hydrodynamics on unstructured meshes

    Journal of Computational Physics, 466: 111398, 2022.

29. K. Wu* and C.-W. Shu, Provably physical-constraint-preserving discontinuous Galerkin methods for multidimensional relativistic MHD equations

    Numerische Mathematik, 148: 699--741, 2021.

28. K. Wu and Y. Xing, Uniformly high-order structure-preserving discontinuous Galerkin methods for Euler equations with gravitation: Positivity and well-balancedness

    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, A472--A510, 2021.

27. K. Wu, T. Qin, and D. Xiu, Structure-preserving method for reconstructing unknown Hamiltonian systems from trajectory data

    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 42(6): A3704--A3729, 2020.

26. K. Wu and D. Xiu, Data-driven deep learning of partial differential equations in modal space

    Journal of Computational Physics, 408: 109307, 2020.

25. K. Wu and C.-W. Shu, Entropy symmetrization and high-order accurate entropy stable numerical schemes for relativistic MHD equations

    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 42(4): A2230--A2261, 2020.

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22. J. Hou, T. Qin, K. Wu and D. Xiu, A non-intrusive correction algorithm for classification problems with corrupted data

    Commun. Appl. Math. Comput., 3: 337--356, 2021.

21. K. Wu and C.-W. Shu, Provably positive high-order schemes for ideal magnetohydrodynamics: Analysis on general meshes

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19. K. Wu and D. Xiu, Numerical aspects for approximating governing equations using data

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10. K. Wu, H. Tang, and D. Xiu, A stochastic Galerkin method for first-order quasilinear hyperbolic systems with uncertainty

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1. K. Wu, Z. Yang, and H. Tang, A third-order accurate direct Eulerian GRP scheme for the Euler equations in gas dynamics

    Journal of Computational Physics, 264:177--208, 2014.

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