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  • Liu Y, Li L, Yu C, Zeng F, Niu F#,  Wei Z#. Cargo Recognition Mechanisms of Yeast Myo2 Revealed by AlphaFold2-Powered Protein Complex Prediction. Biomolecules, 12(8).(2022)
  • Xu Y, Guo C, Pan W, Zhao C, Ding Y, Xie X, Wei Z#, Sun Y#, Yu C#. Nephrotic-syndrome-associated mutation of KANK2 induces pathologic binding competition with physiological interactor KIF21A. JBC, 297(2):100958 (2021).
  • Liang M, Jin G, Xie X, Zhang W, Li K, Niu F, Yu C#, Wei Z#.Oligomerized liprin-α promotes phase separation of ELKS for compartmentalization of presynaptic active zone proteins. Cell Rep. 34:108901. (2021)
  • Yang H, Lin L, Sun K, Zhang T, Chen W, Li L, Xie Y, Wu C, Wei Z, Yu C.Complex structures of Rsu1 and PINCH1 reveal a regulatory mechanism of the ILK/PINCH/Parvin complex for F-actin dynamics. eLife. 10.(2021)
  • Niu F*, Sun K*, Wei W, Yu C#, Wei Z#. F-actin disassembly factor MICAL1 binding to Myosin Va mediates cargo unloading during cytokinesis. Sci Adv. 6:eabb1307 (2020)
  • Xiao Q, Wang L, Supekar S, Shen T, Liu H, Ye F, Huang J, Fan H#, Wei Z#, Zhang C#. Structure of human steroid 5α-reductase 2 with the anti-androgen drug finasteride. Nat Commun. 11:5430 (2020)
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