• Journal Papers

Selected Publications:

1. Wave propagation in carbon nanotubes via nonlocal continuum mechanics

Q Wang, Journal of Applied Physics 98 (12), 124301,2005.


2. Atomic transportation via carbon nanotubes

Q Wang, Nano Letters 9 (1), 245-249,2008.


3. Dispersion of carbon nanotubes with SDS surfactants: a study from a binding energy perspective

WH Duan, Q Wang, F Collins, Chemical Science 2 (7), 1407-1413,2011.


4. Energy harvesting from ocean waves by a floating energy harvester

NV Viet, XD Xie, KM Liew, N Banthia, Q Wang, Energy 112, 1219–1226,2016.


5. A review on structural enhancement and repair using piezoelectric materials and shape memory alloys

Q Wang, N Wu,Smart Materials and Structures 21 (1), 013001,2011.

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