• Journal Papers

1. Wu MZ, Li ZH, Liang L, Ma PC, Cui D, Chen P, Wu GH, Song XJ*. Wnt signaling contributes to withdrawal symptoms from opioid receptor activation induced by morphine exposure or chronic inflammation. Pain 2020 Mar;161(3):532-544.
2. Ma PC, Chen P, Zhou ZL, Wu MZ, Song XJ*. Activation of EphB receptors contributes to primary sensory neuron excitability by facilitating Ca2+ influx directly or through Src kinase-mediated N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor phosphorylation. Pain 2020 Feb 27.PMID: 32149862.
3. Xu N, Wu MZ, Deng XT, Ma PC, Li ZH, Liang L, Song XJ*. Inhibition of YAP/TAZ Activity in Spinal Cord Suppresses Neuropathic Pain. The Journal of  Neuroscience 2016; 36(39):10128-40.
4. Liu S, Liu YP, Huang ZJ, Zhang YK, Song AA, Ma PC, Song XJ*. Wnt/Ryk signaling contributes to neuropathic pain by regulating sensory neuron excitability and spinal synaptic plasticity in rats. Pain 2015; 156(12):2572-84.
5. Liu S, Liu YP, Song WB, Song XJ*. EphrinB-EphB receptor signaling contributes to bone cancer pain via Toll-like receptor and proinflammatory cytokines in rat spinal cord. Pain, 2013;154(12):2823-35.
6. Zhang YK, Huang ZJ, Liu S, Liu YP, Song AA, Song XJ*. WNT signaling underlies the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain in rodents. Journal of  Clinical Investigation (JCI) 2013; 123(5):2268-86.
7. Huang ZJ, Li HC, Cowan AA, Zhang YK, Song XJ*. Chronic compression or acute dissociation of dorsal root ganglion induces cAMP-dependent neuronal hyperexcitability through activation of PAR2. Pain 2012; 153:1426-1437.
8. Wu XF, Liu WT, Liu YP, Huang ZJ, Zhang YK, Song XJ*. Reopening of ATP-sensitive potassium channels reduces neuropathic pain and regulates astroglial gap junctions in the rat spinal cord. Pain 2011;152:2605-2613.
9. Liu S, Liu WT, Liu YP, Dong HL, Henkemeyer M, Song XJ*. Blocking EphB1 receptor forward signaling in spinal cord relieves bone cancer pain and rescues analgesic effect of morphine treatment. Cancer Research 2011;71(13):4392-402.
10. Liu WT, Han Y, Liu YP, Song AA, Barnes B, Song XJ*. Spinal matrix metalloproteinase-9 contributes to physical dependence on morphine in mice. The Journal of  Neuroscience, 2010; 30: 7613-7623.

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