• Journal Papers

Representative journal papers:

  1. Zhou Z., Meng F.*, Xu C., Guo Z., N.N. Sze, N. Ouyang. (2021) Investigating the uniqueness of heterogenous crash injury severity in freeway tunnels: a comparative study in Guizhou, China. Journal of Safety Research. (JCR Q1, accepted)
  2. Meng F., Xu P., Song C., Gao K., Zhou Z., Yang L. (2020) Influential factors associated with consecutive crash severity: a two-level logistic modeling approach. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(15), 5623. (JCR Q1)
  3. Dong N., Meng F., Zhang J., Wong S.C., Xu P. (2020) Towards activity-based exposure measures in spatial analysis of pedestrian–motor vehicle crashes. Accident Analysis & Prevention, Volume 148, 2020, 105777. (JCR Q1)
  4. Ye Y., Wong S.C., Meng F., Xu P. (2020) Right-looking habit and maladaptation of pedestrians in areas with unfamiliar driving rules. Accident Analysis & Prevention. (JCR Q1, accepted)
  5. Meng F., Zhou Z., Song C., Tay R., Yang L., Wang W. (2020) Factors associated with consecutive and non-consecutive crashes on freeways: a two-level logistic modeling approach. Accident Analysis and Prevention. (JCR Q1, under review)
  6. Meng F., Gong W., Liang J., Li X., Zeng Y., Yang L. (2020) Impact of different control policies for COVID-19 outbreak on the air transportation industry: A comparison between China, the US and Singapore. Plos One. (JCR Q2, under review)
  7. Yang, L., Chau, K. W., Lu, Y., Cui, X., Meng, F., & Wang, X. (2020). Locale-varying relationships between tourism development and retail property prices in a shopping destination. International Journal of Strategic Property Management, 24(5), 323-334.
  8. Meng F.*, Wong S.C., Yan W., Li Y.C. and Yang L. (2019) Temporal patterns of driving fatigue and driving performance among male taxi drivers in Hong Kong: a driving simulator approach. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 125, 7-13. (JCR Q1)
  9. Meng F., Du Y.C., Li Y.C. and Wong S.C. (2018) Modeling heterogeneous parking choice behavior in university campuses. Transportation Planning and Technology, 41, 154-169.
  10. Meng F., Wong S.C., Pei X., Wong W., Li Y.C. and Huang H. (2017) Gas dynamic analogous exposure approach to interaction intensity in multiple-vehicle crash analysis: case study of crashes involving taxis. Analytic Methods in Accident Research, 16, 90-103. (JCR Q1)
  11. Meng F., Xu P., Wong S.C., Huang H. and Li Y.C. (2017) Occupant-level injury severity analyses for taxis in Hong Kong: a Bayesian space-time logistic model. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 108, 297-307. (JCR Q1)
  12. Meng F., Wong S.C., Wong W. and Li Y.C. (2017) Estimation of scaling factors for traffic counts based on stationary and mobile sources of data. International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research, 15, 180-191.

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