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[47] Ultrafast sub‐100 fs all‐optical modulation and efficient third‐harmonic generation in Weyl semimetal niobium phosphide thin films Tilmann, B.#; Pandeya, A. K.; Grinblat, G.; Menezes, L. S.; Li, Y.; Shekhar, C.; Felser, C.; Parkin, S. S.P.; Bedoya‐Pinto, A.#; Maier, S. A. Adv. Mater., 2022, 2106733.

[46]  Acoustic Coupling between Plasmonic Nanoantennas: Detection and Directionality of Surface Acoustic Waves Poblet, M.*; Berté, R.*; Boggiano, H. D.; Li, Y.; Cortés, E.; Grinblat, G.; Maier, S. A.#Bragas, A. V.# ACS Photonics2021, 8, 10, 2846–2852.

[45] Ultrafast All-Optical Switching in the Visible Spectrum with 6H Silicon Carbide Li, L.*; Guo, X.*; Ding, P.*; Peng, Z.*;Chen, X.; Li, Y.; Nielsen, M. P.#; Guo L.# ACS Photonics2021, 8, 10, 2940–2946.

[44] Measurement of Intact Quantal Packet of Transmitters Released from Single Nerve Terminal by Loose-Patch Amperometry Chen, P.*#; Shen, X.*#; Zhao, S.; Liu, Z.; Zhu, Q.; Zhu, T.; Zhang, S.; Li, Y.; Mao, L.; Sun, J.# Biosens. Bioelectron.2021, 113143.

[43] Template Dissolution Interfacial Patterning of Single Colloids for Nanoelectrochemistry and Nanosensing Lee, J. B.*; Walker, H.*; Li, Y.; Nam, T. W.; Rakovich, A.; Sapienza, R.; Jung, Y. S.; Nam, Y. S.#; Maier, S. A.; Cortés, E.# ACS Nano, 2020, 14(12), 17693-17703.

[42] Direct Detection of Optical Forces of Magnetic Nature in Dielectric Nanoantennas Poblet, M.; Li, Y.; Cortés, E.; Maier, S. A.#; Grinblat, G.#; Bragas, A. V. Nano Lett.202020 (10), 7627-7634.

Figure 1

[41] Nanostructured amorphous gallium phosphide on silica for nonlinear and ultrafast nanophotonics Tilmann, B.#; Grinblat, G.; Berte, R.; Özcan, M.; Kunzelmann, V. F.; Nickel, B.; Sharp, I. D.; Cortés, E.; Maier, S. A.; Li, Y.Nanoscale Horiz.2020, 5, 1500-1508.

Nanostructured amorphous gallium phosphide on silica for nonlinear and ultrafast nanophotonics - Nanoscale Horizons (RSC Publishing)

[40] Efficient ultrafast all-optical modulation in a nonlinear crystalline gallium phosphide nanodisk at the anapole excitation Grinblat, G.#; Zhang, H.; Nielsen, M. P.; Krivitsky, L.; Berté, R.; Li, Y.; Tilmann, B.; Cortés, E.; Oulton, R. F.; Kuznetsov, A. I.; Maier, S. A. Sci. Adv.2020; 6: eabb3123.

[39] Near-Field Spectroscopy of Cylindrical Phonon-Polariton Antennas Mancini, A.#; Gubbin, C.; Berté, R.; Martini, F.; Politi, A.; Cortés, E.; Li, Y.; De Liberato, S.; Maier, S. A. ACS Nano202014 (7), 8508-8517.

[38] Anapole Excitations in Oxygen-Vacancy-Rich TiO2-x Nanoresonators: Tuning the Absorption for Photocatalysis in the Visible Spectrum Hüttenhofer, L.#; Eckmann, F.; Lauri, A.; Cambiasso, J.; Pensa, E.; Li, Y.; Cortés, E.; Sharp, I. D.; Maier, S. A. ACS Nano202014 (2), 2456-2464.


[37] Three-dimensional vectorial holography based on machine learning inverse design Ren, H.; Shao, W.; Li, Y.; Salim, F.; Gu, M.# Sci. Adv.2020; 6: eaaz4261.

[36] Coherent Multiphoton Control of Gallium Phosphide Nanodisk Resonances Remesh, V.; Grinblat, G.; Li, Y.; Maier, S. A., Van Hulst, N.# ACS Photonics2019, 6 (10), 2487-2491.

[35] Nonlinear Pancharatnam-Berry Phase Metasurfaces beyond the Dipole Approximation Gennaro, S. D.; Li, Y.; Maier, S. A.; Oulton, R. F.# ACS Photonics2019, 6(9), 2335-2341.

[34] From Optical to Chemical Hot Spots in Plasmonics Gargiulo, J; Berte, R.; Li, Y.; Maier, S. A.; Cortés, E.# Acc. Chem. Res. 2019, 52(9), 2525-2535

[33] Plasmon-Enhanced Electron Harvesting in Robust Titanium Nitride Nanostructures Doiron, B.#Li, Y.; Mihai, Bower, R.; Alford, N. M.; Petrov, P. K.; Maier, S. A.; Oulton, R. F.# J. Phys. Chem. C, 2019, 123(30), 18521-18527.

[32] Ultrafast sub–30-fs all-optical switching based on gallium phosphide Grinblat, G.*#; Nielsen, M. P.*; Dichtl, P.; Li, Y.; Oulton, R. F.; Maier, S. A. Sci. Adv.2019; 5: eaaw3262.


[31] Monitoring plasmonic hot-carrier chemical reactions at the single particle level Simoncelli, S.#; Pensa, E. L.; Brick, T.; Gargiulo, J.; Lauri, A.; Cambiasso, J.; Li, Y.; Maier, S. A.; Cortés, E.# Faraday Discuss.2019, 214, 73-87.

[30] TiO2-x-Enhanced IR Hot Carrier Based Photodetection in Metal Thin Film-Si Junctions Güsken, N.*#; Lauri, A.*#; Li, Y.; Matsui, T.; Doiron, B.; Bower, R.; Regoutz, A.; Mihai, A.; Petrov, P. K.; Oulton, R. F.; Cohen, L. F.; Maier, S. A. ACS Photonics2019, 6 (4), 953–960.

[29] Quantifying Figures of Merit for Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Applications: A Materials Survey Doiron, B.#; Mota, M.; Wells, M. P.; Bower, R.; Mihai, A.; Li, Y.; Cohen, L. F.; Alford, N. M.; Petrov, P. K.; Oulton, R. F.; Maier, S. A. ACS Photonics2019, 6 (2), 240–259.

[28] Acoustic Far-Field Hypersonic Surface Wave Detection with Single Plasmonic Nanoantennas Berte, R.*; Della Picca, F.*; Poblet, M.; Li, Y.; Cortés, E.; Craster, R. V.; Maier, S. A.#; Bragas, A. V.# Phys. Rev. Lett. 2018, 121, 253902.


[27] Sub-20 fs All-Optical Switching in a Single Au-Clad Si Nanodisk Grinblat, G.#; Berte, R.; Nielsen, M. P.; Li, Y.; Oulton, R. F.; Maier, S. A. Nano Lett.2018, 18 (12), 7896-7900.

nl2018 fs

[26] Double Blind Ultrafast Pulse Characterization by Mixed Frequency Generation in a Gold Antenna Gennaro, S. D.; Li, Y.; Maier, S. A.; Oulton, R. F.# ACS Photonics2018, 5 (8), 3166–3171.

[25] Imaging Plasmon Hybridization of Fano Resonances via Hot-Electron-Mediated Absorption Mapping Simoncelli, S.*#; Li, Y.*; Cortés, E.#; Maier, S. A. Nano Lett.2018, 18 (6), 3400-3406.


[24] Raman photostability of off-resonant gap-enhanced Raman tags Gu, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Li, Y.#; Jin, X.; Huang, C.#; Maier, S. A.; Ye, J.# RSC Adv.2018, 8, 14434–14444.

[23] High spatial resolution nanoslit SERS for single-molecule nucleobase sensing Chen, C.*#; Li, Y.*; Kerman, S.; Neutens, P.; Willems, K.; Cornelissen, S.; Lagae, L.; Stakenborg, T.; Van Dorpe, P. Nat. Commun.2018, 9:1733.


[22] Highly Stable Plasmon Induced Hot Hole Transfer into Silicon via a SrTiO3 Passivation Interface Matsui, T.*#; Li, Y.*#; Hsu, M.; Merckling, C.; Oulton, R. F.; Cohen, L. F.; Maier, S. A. Adv. Funct. Mater.2018, 1705829.

[21] Nanoscale Control of Molecular Self-Assembly Induced by Plasmonic Hot-Electron Dynamics Simoncelli, S.*,#; Li, Y.*; Cortés, E.; Maier, S. A. ACS Nano2018, 12 (3), 2184–2192.


[20] Energy-momentum cathodoluminescence spectroscopy of dielectric nanostructures Mignuzzi, S.#; Mota, M.; Coenen, T.; Li, Y.; Mihai, A.; Petrov, P.; Oulton, R. F.; Maier, S. A.; Sapienza, R. ACS Photonics2018, 5 (4), 1381-1387.

[19] Highly Enhanced Third-Harmonic Generation in 2D Perovskites at Excitonic Resonances Abdelwahab, I.*; Grinblat, G.*; Leng, K.; Li, Y.; Chi, X.; Rusydi, A.; Maier, S. A.#; Loh, K. P.# ACS Nano2018, 12 (1), 644-650.

[18] Homoepitaxial Growth of Large-Scale Highly Organized Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Patterns Chen, J.*; Zhao, X.*; Grinblat, G.; Chen, Z.; Tan, S. J. R.; Fu, W.; Ding, Z.; Abdelwahab, I.; Li, Y.; Geng, D.; Liu, Y.; Leng, K.; Maier, S. A.; Pennycook, S. J.; Loh, K. P.# Adv. Mater.2018, 30 (4), 1704674.

[17] All-dielectric planar chiral metasurface with gradient geometric phase Ma, Z.; Li, Y.; Li, Y.; Gong, Y.; Maier, S. A.; Hong, M.# Opt. Express2018, 26 (5), 6067-6078.

[16] Probing Local Potentials inside Metallic Nanopores with SERS and Bipolar Electrochemistry Li, Y.*#; Chen, C.*#; Lagae, L.; Groeseneken, G.; Stakenborg, T.; Van Dorpe, P. Adv. Opt. Mater.2017, 5, 1600907.


[15] Efficient Third Harmonic Generation and Nonlinear Sub-Wavelength Imaging at a Higher-Order Anapole Mode in a Single Germanium Nanodisk Grinblat, G.*#; Li, Y.*#; Nielsen, M. P.; Oulton, R. F.; Maier, S. A. ACS Nano2017, 11 (1), 953–960.


[14] Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing in a Multiresonant Germanium Nanodisk Grinblat, G.*#; Li, Y.*#; Nielsen, M. P.; Oulton, R. F.; Maier, S. A. ACS Photonics2017, 4 (9), 2144–2149.

[13] Bridging the gap between dielectric nanophotonics and the visible regime with effectively lossless GaP antennas Cambiasso, J.; Grinblat, G.; Li, Y.; Rakovich, A.; Cortés#, E.; Maier, S. A.# Nano Lett.2017, 17 (2), 1219–1225.


[12] Asymmetric plasmonic induced ionic noise in metallic nanopores Li, Y.#; Chen, C.; Willems, K.; Lagae, L.; Groeseneken, G.; Stakenborg, T.; Van Dorpe, P.# Nanoscale2016, 8, 12324-12329.


[11] Enhanced Third Harmonic Generation in Single Germanium Nanodisks Excited at the Anapole Mode Grinblat, G.*#; Li, Y.*#; Nielsen, M. P.; Oulton, R. F.; Maier, S. A. Nano Lett.2016, 16 (1), 4635-4640.


[10] Photoresistance Switching of Plasmonic Nanopores Li, Y.; Nicoli, F.; Chen, C.; Lagae, L.; Groeseneken, G.; Stakenborg, T.; Zandbergen, H.; Dekker, C.; Van Dorpe, P.#; Jonsson, M. P.# Nano Lett.2015, 15 (1), 776-782.


[9] Full wetting of plasmonic nanopores through two-component droplets Chen, C.#; Xu, X.; Li, Y.; Jans, H.; Neutens, P.; Kerman, S.; Vereecke, G.; Holsteyns, F.; Maes, G.; Lagae, L.; Van Dorpe, P. Chem. Sci.2015, 6, 6564-6571.

[8] Raman Fingerprinting of Single Dielectric Nanoparticles in Plasmonic Nanopores Kerman, S.; Chen, C.#; Li, Y.; Van Roy, W.; Lagae, L.; Van Dorpe, P. Nanoscale2015, 7 (44), 18612-18618.

[7] Revisiting the surface sensitivity of nanoplasmonic biosensors Li, J.#; Ye, J.; Chen C.; Li, Y.; Verellen, N.; Moshchalkov, V.; Lagae, L.; Van Dorpe, P. ACS Photonics2015, 2 (3), 425–431.

[6] Harnessing plasmon-induced ionic noise in metallic nanopores Li, Y.; Chen, C.#; Kerman, S.; Neutens, P.; Lagae, L.; Groeseneken, G.; Stakenborg, T.; Van Dorpe, P.# Nano Lett.2013, 13 (4), 1724-1729.


[5] Enhanced optical trapping and arrangement of nano-objects in a plasmonic nanocavity Chen, C.; Juan, M. L.; Li, Y.; Maes, G.; Borghs, G.; Van Dorpe, P.#; Quidant, R.# Nano Lett.2012, 12 (1), 125–132.


[4] Detection of DNA bases and oligonucleotides in plasmonic nanoslits using fluidic SERS Chen, C.#; Ye, J.#; Li, Y.#; Lagae, L.#; Stakenborg, T.#; Van Dorpe, P.# IEEE J. Sel. Topics Quantum Electron.2013, 19 (3), 4600707.

[3] Cai, W.; Li, Y.; Gao, X.; Wang, P.# Sensor Letters2011, 9 (1), 137-142.

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[1] Li, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Cai, W.; Gao, X.; Wang, P.# Journal of Zhejiang University (Engineering Science)2010, 44 (6), 1231-1236.

  • Schottky-barrier type infrared photodetector. Güsken, N.; Lauri, A.; Li, Y. GB Patent App. GB2582765B/WO2020201740A1

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