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Journal articles

刘丽莎. 高校学术英语课程“对分+微课”模式的教学实效[J]. 《创新教育研究》. 2019, 7(3):253-263.

Liu, L (2018), ‘Educational Experimental Research Design: Investigating the Effect of “PAD + Microlectures” EAP Teaching Model on Chinese Undergraduates’ Critical Thinking Development’. Education Quarterly Reviews, 1:2, pp. 96-102.

Liu, L (2018), ‘Teaching EFL Reading Skills with Instructional Scaffolding Microlectures: Chinese Non-English Major Undergraduates’ Performances and Perceptions’, Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 5:1, pp. 210-217.

刘丽莎. 非英语专业大一新生英语学习转型经历的质性研究--以南方科技大学为例[J]. 《广东技术师范学院学报》, 2016, 37(10):101-108.

Liu, L (2016), ‘Using Generic Inductive Approach in Qualitative Educational Research: A Case Study Analysis’, Journal of Education and Learning, 5:2, pp. 129-135.

Conference papers

Liu, L (2019), ‘The Effect of "PAD + Microlectures" Teaching Model in Chinese Science-and-engineering Undergraduates’ EGAP Classes’[C], 2019国际英语教育中国大会, 中国,杭州 (主办方:世界英语教师协会 TESOL International Association)

Liu, L (2018), ‘The Teaching Effect of the PAD+ Microlectures Model in Chinese Non-English Major Undergraduate EAP Classes’, INTED2018 Proceedings, Valencia, Spain (ISBN 978-84-697-9480-7, CPCI收录)

Liu, L (2016), ‘Exploring the Teaching Effect of Inserting English Reading Skill Microlectures into the College English Reading Class: A case study of student feedback’, EDULEARN16 Proceedings, Barcelona, Spain (ISBN 978-84-608-8860-4, CPCI收录)

Liu, L (2014), ‘Pedagogical Approaches to Supporting Non-English Major Undergraduates with Their English Learning Transition from School to University’[C], 第七届中国英语教学国际会议, 中国,南京(主办方:中国英语教学研究会)


Liu, L. (2014), Engagement in Learning on UK Full-time Taught Master’s Programmes: International students’ experiences, Saarbrucken: Scholars’ Press, (1/1,ISBN: 978-3-639-71562-0).

Liu, L. (ed.) (2019), English Academic Communication and Writing for University EFL Students, Beau Bassin: Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, (1/1,ISBN: 978-620-0-07729-5).


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