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Selected Journal Articles:

[1] Guang Yao, Lei Zhou, Li Weng, Zan Zhu, Ke Liu, Zeyu Chen. Numerical Simulations of Methanol Engine Performance for High-altitude, Non-road Applications[C]. SAE, 2019.

[2] Guichao Wang, Dongdong Wan, Cheng Peng, Ke Liu, Lian-Ping Wang. LBM study of aggregation of monosized spherical particles in homogeneous isotropic turbulence[J]. Chemical Engineering Science, 2019, 201: 201–211.

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[4] Guichao Wang, Xuetao Bai, Changning Wu, Weng Li, Ke Liu, Ali Kiani. Recent advances in the beneficiation of ultrafine coal particles[J]. Fuel Processing Technology, 2018, 178:104-125.

[5] Liu K . The Major Root Causes of Smog in China and Technologies and Solutions to Reduce It[J]. Frontiers of Engineering Management, 2016, 3(4).

[6]   L. Sehabiague, O. M. Basha, Y. M. Hong, B. Morsi, Z. S. Shi, H. L. Jia, L. Weng, Z. W. Men, Ke Liu and Y. Cheng, “Assessing the performance of an industrial SBCR for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Experimental and modeling”. AICHE Journal, 2015, 61(11): 3838-3857.

[7] J. K. Hong, L. Z. Zhang, M. Thompson, W. Wei and Ke Liu, “Effect of sulfur poisoning in high pressure catalytic partial oxidation of methane over Rh-Ce/Al2O3 catalyst”, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2011, 50(8): 4373-4380.

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Selected Patents:

[1]   US 7540893 B2: System and method for producing synthesis gas; Ke Liu, Vladimir Zamansky, 2005.

[2]   US 6976354 B2: Reducing oxides of nitrogen using reformate generated from engine fuel, water and/or air; Ke Liu, 2004.

[3]  US 6964156 B2: Intermittent application of syngas to NOx trap and/or diesel engine; Ke Liu, Wayne G. Wnuck, Willem P. Leenhouts, 2003.

[4]   US 6955042 B1: CPO regenerated lean NOx trap with no moving parts; Wayne G. Wnuck, Ke Liu, 2004.

[5]   US 6895746 B2: Reducing oxides of nitrogen using hydrogen generated from engine fuel and exhaust; John G. Buglass, Francis A. Kocum, Ke Liu, et al., 2002.

[6]   US 6835863 B2: Catalytic production of light olefins from naphtha feed; Art W. Chester, Ke Liu, Robert A. Ware, 1999.

[7]   US 6775973 B2: Continuous flow, NOx-reduction adsorption unit for internal combustion engines; Ke Liu, Peter F. Foley, Eric A. Rohrbach, et al., 2002.


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