• Journal Papers
  1. “Sizes are Gendered: The Effect of Semantic Size on Brand Stereotyping.” with Kuangjie Zhang and Sharon Ng, forthcoming in Journal of Consumer Research
  2. “The Shape of Loneliness: The Relationship between Loneliness and Preference for Angular versus Circular Logo and Product Shapes.” with Nuoya Chen, Jinfeng Jiao, and Xiucheng Fan, forthcoming in Journal of Business Research
  3. “Lift the veil of rumors: The impact of the characteristics of information source on the effectiveness of rumors spreading.” with Lu Meng, Tongmao Li, and Xin Huang, forthcoming in Internet Research
  4. “The Closer I Am, The Safer I Feel: The “Distance Proximity Effect” of COVID-19 Pandemic on Individuals’ Risk Assessment and Irrational Consumption.” with Zhe Zhang, Yue Liu, and Sharon Ng, Psychology& Marketing (2021), 1-13
  5. “Does everyone have the potential to achieve their ideal body weight? Lay theories about body weight and support for price discrimination policies.” with Michail D. Kokkoris, and Krishna SavaniOrganizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes(2020) 157, 129-142 
  6. “Is sustainable development reasonable for tourism destinations? An empirical study of the relationship between environmental competitiveness and tourism growth.” with Liang Zhu, and Lingxue Zhan, Sustainable Development(2020), 29 (1), 66-78
  7. “Antecedents of smartphone multitasking: roles of demographics, personalities and motivations.” with Xingyu Chen, Yitong Wang, Da Tao, and Ling Jiang, Internet Research(2020), 31(4), 1405-1443 

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