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Journal Papers (part)

  1. Wanxin Shi, Chao Wang, Yong Jiang, Qing Li*, Gengbiao Shen, and Gabriel-Miro Muntean. “CoLEAP: Cooperative Learning-Based Edge Scheme with Caching and Prefetching for DASH Video Delivery.” IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 2020 (accepted).
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Conference Papers (part)

  1. Guorui Xie, Qing Li*, Yong Jiang, Tao Dai, Gengbiao Shen, Rui Li, Richard Sinnott, and Shutao Xia. “SAM: Self-Attention based Deep Learning Method for Online Traffic Classification.” Sigcomm workshop of NetAI 2020.[CCF A workshop]
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