• Journal Papers

(#co-first authors, *corresponding authors)
1. Na Wang #, Hongyu Bao #, Liu Chen, Yanhong Liu, Yue Li, Baixing Wu * and Hongda Huang *. (2019) Molecular basis of abasic site sensing in single-stranded DNA by the SRAP domain of E. coli yedK. Nucleic Acids Res 47, 10388-10399.
2. Na Wang #, Christophe Bosc #, Sung Ryul Choi #, Benoit Boulan, Leticia Peris, Natacha Olieric, Hongyu Bao, Fatma Krichen, Liu Chen, Annie Andrieux, Vincent Olieric, Marie-Jo Moutin *, Michel O. Steinmetz * and Hongda Huang *. (2019) Structural basis of tubulin detyrosination by the vasohibin-SVBP enzyme complex. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 26, 571-582.
3. Shanhui Liao #, Girish Rajendraprasad #, Na Wang # Susana Eibes, Jun Gao, Huijuan Yu, Gao Wu, Xiaoming Tu, Hongda Huang *, Marin Barisic *, Chao Xu *. (2019) Molecular basis of vasohibins-mediated detyrosination and its impact on spindle function and mitosis. Cell Research 29, 533-547.
4. Huang, H. #, Deng, Zh. #, Vladimirova, O., Wiedmer, A., Lu, F., Lieberman, P.* and Patel, D.J*. (2016). Structural Basis Underlying Viral Hijacking of a Histone Chaperone Complex. Nature Communications 7, 12707.
5. Saredi, G. #, Huang, H. #, Hammond, C., Bekker-Jensen, S., Forne, I., Reverón-Gómez, N., Foster, B., Mlejnkova, L., Bartke, T., Cejka, P., Mailand, N., Imhof, A., Patel, D.* and Groth, A.* (2016). H4 K20me0 marks post-replicative chromatin and recruits the TONSL-MMS22L DNA repair complex. Nature 534, 714-718.
6. Huang, H. #, Strømme, C.B. #, Saredi, G., Hödl, M., Strandsby, A., González-Aguilera, C., Chen, Sh., Groth, A.* & Patel, D.J.* (2015). A unique binding mode enables MCM2 to chaperone histones H3-H4 at replication forks. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 22, 618-626.
7.Elsasser, S.J. #, Huang, H. #, Lewis, P.W., Chin, J.W., Allis, C.D.* & Patel, D.J.* (2012). DAXX envelops a histone H3.3-H4 dimer for H3.3-specific recognition. Nature 491:560-565.

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