• Journal Papers

Journal Publications

  • "Beyond Rebalancing: Crowd-Sourcing and Geo-Fencing for Shared-Mobility Systems," with Tiantian Nie, Yun Yang and Zuo-Jun Shen. Production and Operations Management, accepted. New version available at SSRN:

  • "Competitive Spatial Pricing for Urban Parking Systems: Network Structures and Asymmetric Information," with Yuguang Wu and Xin Wang. IISE Transactions, accepted. Available at SSRN:
  • Yang, Yun, Qiaochu He, and Xiaolin Hu. "A compact neural network for training support vector machines." Neurocomputing 86 (2012): 193-198.

  • Zhang et al. "A study on the method for cleaning and repairing the probe vehicle data." IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 14, no. 1 (2013): 419-427.


Working Papers

  • "Service Operations for Mixed Autonomous Driving: Lane Design and Cross Subsidy," with Lan Lu and et al. Major revision at Production and Operations Management.

  • “Integrated Infrastructure Planning for Edge Computing with Strategic Network Formulation", with Wenjuan hou and Lan Lu. Major revision at European Journal of Operational Research.

  • Targeted Information Design for Mixed Autonomous Driving: A Bayesian Persuasion Approach", with Ailing Xu, Yonghui Chen and Ying-Ju Chen.

  • “Escape the Black-Holes: Predictive Maintenance for Free-Float Bicycle Sharing Systems", with Shichen Zhao and Lan Lu. Submitted.

  • Implicit regularization via Hadamard product over-parametrization in high-dimensional linear regression, submitted . [arXiv]

  • "Integrated Design of Unmanned Aerial Mobility Network: A Data-Driven Risk-Averse Approach," with Wenjuan Hou, Tao Fang and Zhi Pei. Submitted and available at:

  • "Strategic Customer Recommendations in Online Service Platform," with Ailing Xu, Wei You and Xiang Zhong. Submitted and available at:

  • “Selling investment goods in developing economies with present-biased consumers,” with Ying-Ju Chen and Zuo-Jun Shen. Submitted.

  • "To Renegotiate or Not in Global Infrastructure Projects? The Impact of Loss Aversion," with Zhuo Feng and Yiwen Zhang. Submitted and available at:

  • “On-demand service delivery under asymmetric information: priority pricing, market selections and horizontal substitutions," with Xiaoshuai Fan, Ying-Ju Chen and Hai Yang. Submitted.

  • "Coopetition between public transit and ride-souring services", with Zheng Zhu, Ailing Xu and Hai Yang. Submitted.

  • “Dynamic Re-balancing Strategy in Free-Float Bicycle Sharing Systems: Orbit Queues and Two-Sided Matching." With Zhi Pei and et. al., submitted.

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