• Journal Papers
  1. Xiaoshuai Fan, Kanglin Chen*, Ying-Ju Chen. (2022) "Is Price Commitment a Better Solution to Control Carbon Emissions and Promote Technology Investment?" Forthcoming in Management Science
  2. Pin Gao, Xiaoshuai Fan*, Yangguang Huang, Ying-Ju Chen. (2022) ''Resource Allocation Among Competing Innovators." Management Science 68(8), 5557-6354
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Working Paper

  1. Xiaoshuai Fan*, Qingye Wu, Ying-Ju Chen, Christopher Tang. "The Implications of Pay Transparency in the Presence of Over-and Under-confident Agents" Under Major Revision
  2. Weiqian Lu, Lindong Liu, Xiaoshuai Fan*, "From Imperfect Information to Imperfect Information: A Construct of Search Model" to be submitted soon
  3. Xiaoshuai Fan*, Ying-Ju Chen, Christopher Tang.  ''Allocating Scarce Resources in the Presence of Private Information and Bargaining Power'' Under Major Revision

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